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The President of the Russian Federation was the leader of the Russian Federation.

Russian Presidents[]

Image Name Served during Status
Vladimir Novartov Veto Power, Cat's Claw Alive
Novartov's wife, Martina, was endangered by Chechen terrorists during the crisis of Trojan Horse. Later, during the Cat's Claw, he was opposed to China's candidacy for joining the G8.
8x22-yuri-suvarov.jpg Yuri Suvarov Before Day 5, through Day 8 Alive
The President of Russia during Day 5 was Yuri Suvarov, who negotiated an anti-terrorism treaty with Charles Logan, the President of the United States. Suvarov and his wife Anya were targeted by Dawn Brigade terrorists who forced President Logan to give them the route of their motorcade under the threat of releasing Sentox nerve gas on American targets, but the attack failed. Twenty months later during Day 6, President Suvarov responded to a situation at the Russian consulate in Los Angeles regarding the mutinous consul Anatoly Markov. Later that day he confronted America and Vice President Noah Daniels during a crisis surrounding the Chinese attempt at acquiring the FB subcircuit board; if the situation had not been diffused, an escalating war would have resulted. During Day 8, President Suvarov was meant to sign a tripartite peace treaty with the United States and the Islamic Republic of Kamistan in an effort to improve relations with the Middle East. Opposed to the treaty, Suvarov was responsible for the events of the day and the assassinations of both the IRK's president, Omar Hassan, and former FBI agent Renee Walker. Although President Allison Taylor first attempted to cover up the Russians' involvement with the help of former President Logan, she decided to reveal to the world what had really happened and President Suvarov's role in the conspiracy.

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