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The President of the United States was the highest ranking member of the Executive Branch in the United States. The President was also Commander-in-Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

Notable Presidents

Picture Name Served during Status
George Washington Deceased
Jack Bauer accused Brett Marks of thinking he's George Washington during the events of Veto Power.
John Adams Deceased
Mentioned by Allison Taylor during Day 7.
Lincoln Lincoln Deceased
David Palmer quoted him during Day 2. Mentioned by Charles Logan during Day 5.
F.D. Roosevelt Deceased
Mentioned by Charles Logan during Day 5 and Karen Hayes during Day 6.
John F. Kennedy Deceased
Two schools, the John F. Kennedy School of Government and the John F. Kennedy School of Special Warfare, were named after him. Mentioned by Charles Logan during Day 5 and Ethan Kanin during Day 7.
LBJ Deceased
Elizabeth Nash was reading a biography of LBJ prior to Day 1.
Carter Alive
Carter was President in 1979.
Reagan Deceased
Reagan was a former President of the United States. Agent Aaron Pierce joined the Secret Service during Reagan's second term in office.
Harry Barnes Veto Power
Cat's Claw
Vanishing Point
Harry Barnes was the President of the United States prior to Day 1, which includes Veto Power, Cat's Claw and Vanishing Point.
150px David Palmer Day 2
Midnight Sun
Day 3
David Palmer won the democratic nomination during Day 1 and later went on to win the election. As President, Palmer handled several national security crises, including resolutions to a nuclear crisis and the containment of a biological virus. Palmer was forced to temporarily grant Vice President Prescott the powers of the presidency twice in the same day under the 25th Amendment; once, as a result of Palmer's indecisiveness, secondly, resulting from an incapacitating assassination attempt. After the death of his ex-wife Sherry Palmer, he decided not to seek a second term. When President Charles Logan had difficulties making decisions, Palmer was brought in as a special advisor in Day 4.
Prescott James Prescott Day 2
The Game
In Day 2, James Prescott utilized the 25th Amendment and became the acting president. Eventually, Palmer had his position returned; however, an assassination attempt quickly reversed this. Prescott continued to serve as the commander-in-chief until Palmer was stable enough to return to his duties.
Keeler John Keeler Day 4 Alive
When President David Palmer dropped out of the election, John Keeler later became president. Keeler served as president during Day 4, but an attack on Air Force One incapacitated him. It is likely Keeler resigned from office following the attack.
President Charles Logan Charles Logan Day 4
Day 5
When an attack on Air Force One by Mitch Anderson caused President Keeler to be incapacitated, Charles Logan was sworn in as president. Holding the position through Day 4 and Day 5, Logan was unseated when his responsibility for the assassination of David Palmer and the selling of Sentox VX nerve gas to terrorists was exposed to the public.
Halgardner2 Hal Gardner Alive
When President Charles Logan was unseated and arrested for treason, Hal Gardner was sworn in and finished up the term started by President Keeler. It is unknown if Gardner ran for office after the term was over.
S6wayne Wayne Palmer Day 6 Alive
Wayne Palmer ran for office, when Tom Lennox convinced him, and won the election. Wayne served as the president during the events of Day 6 while co-conspirators, including Reed Pollock, schemed to assassinate him. When he was incapacitated, Noah Daniels became the Acting President. Wayne later resigned from office after being unable to fulfill his duties and Daniels served out the remainder of the four-year term.
NoahDaniels Noah Daniels Day 6
When Wayne Palmer was incapacitated, Noah Daniels became the Acting President. He was later sworn in as President and in Redemption he saw Allison Taylor into office.
Allison Taylor S8 Allison Taylor Redemption
Day 7
Day 8
Senator Taylor won the general election and became the successor to Daniels as President during Redemption. She is also the first female President.

Background information and notes

  • As Bill Buchanan noted, Hal Gardner was to be sworn in as President following Charles Logan's resignation, although this remains unconfirmed. He is included on this page here for the sake of completeness and because no reason was ever given to assume he didn't become President.
  • No President on 24 has ever been reelected. David Palmer did not run for reelection, John Keeler was incapacitated, Charles Logan resigned from office and Noah Daniels lost to Allison Taylor.

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