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These are the Previously on 24 segments for 24: Live Another Day. Names in bold indicate characters pictured in the title cards.

"12:00pm-1:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x02prev01 Jack Bauer
9x02prev02 Agent Kate Morgan
  • At CIA, Agent Kate Morgan suspects that Bauer let himself be captured for some unknown motive.
9x02prev03 CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro
  • CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro doubts of Morgan's suspicions, and argues that she is trying to prove herself after the arrest of her husband, Adam Morgan, who was found to be a terrorist.
9x02prev04 Chloe O'Brian
  • Chloe O'Brian, who is now considered a traitor for aiding Bauer in the past, is held captive by a CIA Special Activities team. However, Bauer manages to rescue her in order to follow her afterwards.
9x02prev05 Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
9x02prev06 Audrey Boudreau
  • Audrey Boudreau expresses her concerns to his father, President James Heller, about the progress of his illness and how it might affect his presidential duties.
9x02prev07 U.S. President James Heller
9x02prev08 1st Lieutenant Chris Tanner

"1:00pm-2:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x02prev08 1st Lieutenant Chris Tanner
9x03prev02 Open Cell
9x03prev03 Derrick Yates
  • Derrick Yates, who is using an override system to take control of American drones, assures his girlfriend that the President of the United States will die that day.
9x03prev04 U.S. President James Heller
9x03prev05 Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
9x02prev06 Audrey Boudreau
9x03prev07 Agent Kate Morgan
9x03prev08 CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro

"2:00pm-3:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x04prev01 President James Heller
9x04prev02 Jack Bauer
9x04prev03 Chloe O'Brian
9x04prev04 Simone Al-Harazi
9x04prev05 Margot Al-Harazi
  • Margot Al-Harazi sternly warns Naveed that the only thing that matters is winning their war.
9x04prev06 Open Cell
  • Open Cell hackers form a plan to get Jack inside the U.S. Embassy and recover Tanner's flight key, to prove that the drone was hijacked. When the plan fails, Jack is forced to shoot into the crowd and start a riot to gain entry to the building, with Agent Morgan close behind.

"3:00pm-4:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x05prev01 Audrey Boudreau
  • Audrey Boudreau is now married, and her husband, Mark, promises she'll never hear Jack's name again. 1st Lieutenant Chris Tanner's drone is hijacked and attacks a friendly convoy before he can do anything about it.
9x05prev02 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer visits Tanner in his cell and tells him about the attack that's going to happen, and asks for his flight key. He then works on uploading the data to Chloe.
9x05prev03 CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro
  • CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro informs the White House Chief of Staff about the situation.
9x05prev04 Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
  • Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau informs the President about the situation at the U.S. Embassy. Jack calls President Heller to tell him about the attack.
9x05prev05 Simone Al-Harazi
9x05prev06 Agent Kate Morgan
  • Agent Kate Morgan convinces Jack to give her the flight key so she can finish the job and thus save his life.

"4:00pm-5:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x06prev01 Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
  • Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau forges the President's signature on an executive order to have Bauer turned over to Russians for justice, while Jack Bauer meets with Audrey for the first time in years.
9x06prev02 Margot Al-Harazi
  • Margot Al-Harazi asks her daughter Simone if she wants her husband spared, but ends up killing him for his betrayal. Then, she posts a video on the Internet demanding the surrender of President James Heller for killing her husband, threatening the English if he doesn't.
9x06prev03 Jack Bauer

"5:00pm-6:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x07prev01 Margot Al-Harazi
  • Margot Al-Harazi threatens London if the President of the U.S. doesn't give himself up. Naveed's sister leaves a voice mail on his phone, which Margot discovers in his dead body, saying she was planning on leaving London.
9x07prev02 Simone Al-Harazi
  • Simone Al-Harazi answers she knew nothing about Naveed's plan to escape. Margot doesn't accept this and orders Simone to kill Naveed's sister. During a struggle, Farah's daughter, Yasmin, runs away and Simone is hit by a bus trying to catch her.
9x07prev03 Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
9x07prev04 Agent Kate Morgan
  • Agent Kate Morgan tells Jack Bauer how people distrust her because of her husband's treason. Jordan Reed of the CIA tells his boss about something suspicious he found in the archives.
9x07prev05 CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro
  • CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro tells Jordan to hold off, then calls someone about Reed's snooping; his contact warns him about the consequences. Jack Bauer has a plan to bring a contact of Al-Harazi's out to help them. President James Heller authorizes this plan and relays it to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, whereupon an advisor tells him the President may not be in top medical condition, and takes the matter into his own hands, with MI-5. Jack's plan to trick his contact into helping is interrupted by MI-5. During the firefight, he finishes the operation himself and Chloe gets a phone number: that of Simone's, who runs into traffic and gets hit by a bus.

"6:00pm-7:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x08prev01 Naveed Shabazz
  • Naveed Shabazz tells Simone that he hid evidence underneath the house where they are now.
9x08prev02 Simone Al-Harazi
  • Simone tells Farah to flee London, but kills her. She chases after Farah's daughter, Yasmin, but is hit by a bus. At the hospital Jack questions Simone Al-Harazi about her mother's whereabouts, but they are forced to flee the hospital because of an incoming drone. The drone then destroys the hospital.
9x08prev03 CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro
  • CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro is told by Adrian Cross that Jordan Reed is retrieving the files that incriminate him. Navarro then assigns Reed on a "field mission", but is shot in the shoulder. He survives and flees.
9x08prev04 Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
  • Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau meets up with Anatol, who demands that Jack should turn himself over to the Russian government and that forging the President's name would be treasonous, but Mark states that once the threat is over, everyone will have what they want.
9x08prev05 Margot Al-Harazi
  • Margot Al-Harazi is contacted by President James Heller and tells him that if he turns himself in, this will all stop.

"7:00pm-8:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x09prev01 CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro
9x09prev02 CIA Comms Chief Jordan Reed
  • CIA Comms Chief Jordan Reed holds the hitman at gunpoint, but the hitman fights back and stabs Jordan, who then shoots and kills the hitman. Jordan succumbs to his wound and dies.
9x09prev03 Jack Bauer
  • A drone fires a missile and destroys St. Edward's Hospital and Margot tells President Heller that he will surrender himself and she will destroy the drones. Jack Bauer insists to President Heller that there must be another way, but President Heller convinces him that this is the best way to go.
9x09prev04 Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
  • Audrey Boudreau asks Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau if it's too late, to which he responds that it is. Audrey scolds that she'll never trust him again, but Mark defends himself, saying that it was President Heller's order and that he'll do it again.
9x09prev05 Margot Al-Harazi

Margot Al-Harazi orders President Heller to be at the center of Wembley Stadium in one hour. As President Heller awaits his execution, Margot flies the drone and fires a missile, destroying the center of the field. Margot sees that the target has been destroyed.

"8:00pm-9:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x10prev01 Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
9x10prev02 Agent Kate Morgan
  • Jack tells Chloe O'Brian that the override device has been recovered and needs her to analyze it. Chloe answers that she can’t now that Margot Al-Harazi is dead and the threat has passed. Chloe meets with Adrian Cross, who thanks her for another chance. Agent Kate Morgan learns that her husband has been passing classified material to the Chinese.
9x10prev03 Adrian Cross
  • Adrian Cross orders Steve Navarro to send Jordan Reed out in the field and Jordan is killed by an assassin, who also dies in the struggle.
9x10prev04 CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro
  • Kate informs CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro that Jordan’s body has been discovered along with another man. Navarro calls Cross and tells him that he needs safe passage out of the country now that the CIA is on to him. Cross agrees in exchange for the override device.
9x10prev05 Jack Bauer
  • The CIA informs Jack Bauer the assassin’s identity and learns that he was associated with Navarro. As Jack learns this, Navarro vanishes with the override. Navarro escapes the CIA with Jack in pursuit.

"9:00pm-10:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x11prev01 Acting CIA Station Chief Erik Ritter
9x11prev02 Cheng Zhi
  • Adrian and Chloe walk into the new hideout for Open Cell, only to find everyone dead, and Cheng Zhi standing behind them, who says the device wasn't for the world.
9x11prev03 Chloe O'Brian
  • Chloe O'Brian calls Adrian insane for trusting Cheng and tells of his history. Cheng murders Adrian.
9x11prev04 Audrey Boudreau
  • Jack Bauer tells Ritter they need to move quickly before Cross moves. He gives instructions to his team, and to Ritter. Mark Boudreau, accuses his wife, Audrey Boudreau, of harboring feelings for Jack Bauer. She walks out of the room, and he calls Anatol about claiming Bauer.
9x11prev05 Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau

"10:00pm-11:00am" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
9x12prev01 Chloe O'Brian
  • Chloe O'Brian is horrified to learn that Adrian Cross was working with Cheng Zhi, who acquires the override device from the two. Cheng kills Adrian and uses the override to order the USS Massachusetts to fire a Chinese carrier—the Shenyang. President James Heller informs Chinese President Wei that Cheng Zhi was responsible for the attack, but President Wei insists that Cheng is dead and that an attack on a Chinese carrier will not go unanswered for. President Heller pressures Jack to find and stop Cheng before the Chinese retaliate.
9x12prev02 Cheng Zhi
  • Cheng Zhi tells Anatol Stolnavich that Jack was supposed to be eliminated and Jack won't stop until he finds Cheng. Stolnavich assures Cheng that in an hour, he'll leave on a cargo ship to escape the country. Chloe escapes Cheng's custody by jumping out of the van and rolls down a hill.
9x12prev03 Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau
  • Jack demands to know why Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau set him up for the Russians. Boudreau confesses that he thought Jack was going to assassinate President Heller and forged Heller's name on the document that sanctioned them to hand Jack over to the Russians. Angered, President Heller places Boudreau under arrest for treason. Jack decides to use him to set a meeting with Stolnavich. Stolnavich discovers Boudreau's intentions and tries to kill him. Stolnavich tells Jack that Russia hasn't forgotten what he did and he'll pay for it before dying from the assault.
9x12prev04 Audrey Boudreau
  • Audrey Boudreau tells her father that she can meet up with Jiao Sim from the Chinese Embassy in London to hand evidence about the override device being used to convince the Chinese that the USS Massachusetts wasn't being ordered by the US government. Audrey hands the evidence over to Jiao, who is suddenly shot by a sniper, who also kills the Secret Service agents who escorted Audrey. Audrey then receives a call from Cheng, who tells her to sit back down on the bench or one of his associates will kill her.
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