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This article's subject relates to Season 1 of 24.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

These are the Previously on 24 segments for Season 1. Names in bold were pictured in the title cards.

Beginning with "Day 1: 7:00am-8:00am," a narration from Jack Bauer is included prior to the Previously on 24 segment. The narration was altered slightly twice over the course of the season. For reasons unspecified, both Region 1 DVD releases of season 1 omit the Previously on 24 segment and go straight from the narration to the start of the episode. This segment is also omitted from the episodes made available for streaming on Amazon's Prime / Instant Video service.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev102x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev102x02.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Walsh informs Jack Bauer that there might be a mole within CTU, and not to trust even his own people.
Prev102x03.jpg Kim Bauer
  • Jack notices that Kim Bauer snuck out of the house so Teri states that she is grounded for two months. Meanwhile Kim and Janet York arrive at Paladio Furniture.
  • Dan Mounts refuses to pull over the car.
Prev102x04.jpg Teri Bauer
  • Alan York calls Teri Bauer about Janet and the two go off to search for them. Teri calls Jack tell him that she's going with Alan to find Kim.
Prev102x05.jpg Mandy


Picture Name Scenes
Prev103x01.jpg Teri Bauer
  • Teri Bauer tells Jack that Kim got an e-mail from Janet York, and that she is going with Alan York to find them. Teri asks Jack to come with her, but he cannot.
Prev103x02.jpg Kim Bauer
Prev103x03.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev103x04.jpg Mandy
Prev103x05.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer is told by Richard Walsh that there is a mole within CTU. Walsh gives Jack a card that has data on it and that it will identify the mole. Jamey matches the card to Nina Myers.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev104x01.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer shoots Mason in the leg with a tranquilizer gun and talks to Nina about blackmailing him.
Prev104x02.jpg Senator David Palmer
  • David Palmer talks to Carl Webb about Maureen Kingsley's attempt to accuse his son of murder.
Prev104x03.jpg Ira Gaines
Prev104x04.jpg Kim Bauer
  • After escaping, Kim Bauer talks on the phone to Teri who is with Alan York. She calls 9-1-1.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev105x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev105x02.jpg Jack Bauer
Prev105x03.jpg Kim Bauer
Prev105x04.jpg Ira Gaines
Prev105x05.jpg Teri Bauer
  • Teri Bauer asks a homeless woman about Kim and Janet and she tells Teri that one of the girls (Janet, but she does not know this) was hit by a car and that she did not look well.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev106x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev106x02.jpg Teri Bauer
Prev106x03.jpg Ira Gaines
Prev106x04.jpg Jack Bauer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev107x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev107x02.jpg Janet York
Prev107x03.jpg Teri Bauer
Prev107x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer is contacted by Ira Gaines and he tells him that he has Kim.
  • Jack is forced to put a COM unit in his ear.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev108x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev108x02.jpg Kim Bauer
Prev108x03.jpg Teri Bauer
Prev108x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Gaines demands that Jack Bauer switch the key card with a fake.
  • Jack shoots Nina.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev109x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev109x02.jpg Nina Myers
Prev109x03.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer grabs the secret service agent's gun, meanwhile, Palmer is escorted out of the power plant.
Prev109x04.jpg Ira Gaines
  • Ira Gaines gives the order to kill Jack's wife and daughter. However, he calls back saying he still needs them alive.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev110x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev110x02.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Mike tells Palmer that Jack Bauer created the disturbance at the power plant.
  • Jack assaults the agents detaining him. He then informs Nina that he escaped custody.
Prev110x03.jpg Teri Bauer
  • Kim fights off Eli Stram. Teri Bauer says that she won't fight him if he won't touch Kim.
  • Teri calls Nina on Eli's phone.
Prev110x04.jpg Jamey Farrell
  • Nina identifies Jamey Farrell as the mole inside CTU. When Nina and Tony walk back into ITS, Jamey had slit her wrists.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev111x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev111x02.jpg Ira Gaines
Prev111x03.jpg Nina Myers
  • Jack enlists the help of Nina Myers to get around the police. Nina then informs him that Alberta Green will be running CTU.
Prev111x04.jpg Jack Bauer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev112x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
  • Senator David Palmer asks Carl about the Ferragamo situation in which he states that it doesn't make a difference as long as he is protected . Though Palmer claims that it does make a difference if someone innocent is murdered.
Prev112x02.jpg Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer and Teri Bauer are aware that Gaines and his people are going to kill them both so they get prepared for them as well.
  • Kim Bauer is almost about to be stabbed with a knife by Eli and is saved when Teri Bauer shoots him twice in the back.
Prev112x03.jpg Nina Myers
  • Nina Myers is questioned by Alberta Green of Jack's whereabouts but lies by saying that she hasn't talked to him since this morning. Though Alberta claims that she doesn't believe her.
  • Nina Myers tells Tony Almeida that after Jamey's betrayal towards CTU they don't know who to trust.
Prev112x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer interrogates Kevin Carroll about the whereabouts of his wife and daughter. Then he tells him that as soon as he knows that his family is safe he will let him go.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev113x01.jpg Ira Gaines
  • Andre Drazen meets Ira Gaines and tells him he is pulling the plug on him, as he was supposed to frame Jack for the murder of David Palmer. He gives Gaines 30 minutes to find Bauer.
Prev113x02.jpg Jamey Farrell
  • Nina tells Jack that they found Gaines' inside person, Jamey Farrell. She says that she didn't mean any of this to happen, then she tries to kill herself. Tony is informed by the clinic that she didn't make it.
Prev113x03.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev113x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer holds Kevin Carroll at gunpoint while they drive into Gaines' compound. He tells Nina he is on his way in, and she warns him not to. He hugs Teri and Kim, then phones Alberta Green to say he has located the people behind the Palmer hit. Jack pulls a gun on Rick, who says he is helping them because he got Kim into it. Jack asks Kim if she trusts him. Jack's van crashes through the perimeter fence as Gaines and his men chase. Jack tells Teri and Kim to follow the creek bed to an old abandoned water tower. Rick is shot through the arm. Jack fires and blows up the van.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev114x01.jpg Ira Gaines
  • Ira Gaines shoots at the Bauers. He tells Kevin Carroll that their only chance of staying alive is if they kill Jack.
Prev114x02.jpg Jack Bauer
Prev114x03.jpg Kim Bauer
Prev114x04.jpg Senator David Palmer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev115x01.jpg Jack Bauer
  • With his family, Jack Bauer tells them that an ambulance is waiting to take them to a clinic to have them examined.
  • Alberta Green takes Jack into custody and he is interrogated by Ryan Chappelle.
Prev115x02.jpg Teri Bauer
Prev115x03.jpg Senator David Palmer
  • Senator David Palmer tells Sherry that they have to leave Los Angeles.
  • Palmer learns about Jack and that he was in special forces during the Drazen Mission.
  • Palmer arrives at CTU and states that he needs to see Jack Bauer.
Prev115x04.jpg Andre Drazen


Picture Name Scenes
Prev116x01.jpg Teri Bauer
  • Teri Bauer asks Nina why they are being taken to a safe house. Nina tells them it is the best environment for them as they make themselves at home. Kim finds out that Teri is pregnant. Teri then works out that when she was separated from Jack, Nina was seeing him.
Prev116x02.jpg Andre Drazen
  • Andre Drazen is talking to his brother, who tells him Jovan and Mishko have their targets in sight. He says that Palmer won't be leaving LA, and gives his word that he will be dead by midnight.
Prev116x03.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev116x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Palmer then approaches Chappelle and tells him to reinstate Jack Bauer to his previous position. Jack says that anyone who can connect Palmer and himself must also be able to find Robert Ellis. Ellis asks what they are doing together, and Palmer tells him the three of them are on someone's list. As Jack is talking to Ellis, he is strangled by an unseen assailant.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev117x01.jpg Alexis Drazen
Prev117x02.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev117x03.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer asks Elizabeth if she would be willing to keep her meeting with Alexis.
  • George Mason comes to CTU to take command.
Prev117x04.jpg Teri Bauer
  • Teri Bauer flees the safehouse with Kim. Kim rolls down the hill in her car and Teri faints.
  • After regaining consciousness, Teri had amnesia and Kim Bauer emerges from under the car.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev118x01.jpg Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer phones Rick Allen to tell him the safe house has been attacked and the agents are dead. She says her mother is gone, and she is coming to his place.
Prev118x02.jpg Teri Bauer
  • Teri Bauer is in the car with Tanya, who says she has never met anyone with amnesia before. Henry Martin then asks Teri if Dr Parslow will be joining her. Phil asks if she remembers him, and then tells her they will figure out what is going on.
Prev118x03.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev118x04.jpg Alexis Drazen
Prev118x05.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer briefs Elizabeth and tells her he wants her to plant a tracking device on him. He watches as Alexis enters the hotel room, and Elizabeth stabs him. He bursts into the room and attempts to resuscitate Drazen. Nina then hands him Alexis' ringing phone. Jack 'takes a chance' and answers the phone, being told to meet in 45 minutes with a mystery contact.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev119x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev119x02.jpg Andre Drazen
  • Andre Drazen tells his man to find and kill Teri and Kim at their house
Prev119x03.jpg Kim Bauer
Prev119x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer tells George Mason that Alexis Drazen arranged a pay off. Bauer learns that this was to shut off the power on Grid 26-GG.
  • The man who Alexis Drazen was going to pay off is shot by a sniper working for CTU.
Prev119x05.jpg Teri Bauer
  • Teri Bauer, still with amnesia, is visited by "a very good friend who wanted to be more". She asks him to take her home.
  • Outside the house, there is a man with a gun.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev120x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
Prev120x02.jpg Teri Bauer
Prev120x03.jpg Kim Bauer
Prev120x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer tells George Mason that he is going to Saugus. Mason and Jack witness a helicopter arrive shortly after they do.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev121x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
  • Sherry tells Senator David Palmer that he just gave his concession speech. Palmer disagrees with her and she says that it was all over.
Prev121x02.jpg Teri Bauer
Prev121x03.jpg Kim Bauer
Prev121x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Mark DeSalvo tells Jack Bauer that he is at a prison. Jack tells him that someone paid to have the power shut off.
  • Jack recognizes Victor Drazen, the man he killed two years ago.
Prev121x05.jpg Andre Drazen
  • Andre Drazen tells Harris to assemble the men, and that their objective is to get his father out of prison.
  • Victor tells Jack that his son is already there.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev122x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
  • Senator David Palmer is celebrating his victory. Mike Novick tells him being president is what he needs - it doesn't matter if his marriage doesn't help him. Mike tells him he can have whatever he wants, as we see Patty Brooks giving him a massage. Palmer is massaged by Patty Brooks.
Prev122x02.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer explains to George Mason that he is in a prison housing Victor Drazen, the man he took out 2 years ago. Men shoot at him and Jack gives Victor up to Andre.
Prev122x03.jpg Victor Drazen
  • Jack asks Victor Drazen when his suffering will end, and Victor says when all his enemies are dead. Just before shooting Jack, Jack asks if he ever wants to see his son Alexis again. He says he knows where he is, and Victor's men put Jack into the van.
Prev122x04.jpg Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer is released from prison by Sam Krugman. He tells her that her mother is waiting at CTU, and Teri asks how Kim ended up in jail. A van smashes into Kim's police car, Krugman is shot and men drag her away at gunpoint.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev123x01.jpg Senator David Palmer
  • Patty Brooks asks Senator David Palmer if there had ever been anyone else in his life besides Sherry. Patty says that she is flurting with him.
  • Patty tells Sherry Palmer that she did what she asked, and that it is going to lead to other things
Prev123x02.jpg Teri Bauer
Prev123x03.jpg Victor Drazen
Prev123x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Andre Drazen tells Jack Bauer that they will let him go if CTU releases Alexis.
  • Andre gives Jack instructions.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev124x01.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer pleads with Palmer to answer Drazen's phone. The phone explodes, but Jack throws it away from Senator Palmer.
Prev124x02.jpg Senator David Palmer
  • Jack tells Senator David Palmer and Sherry Palmer that the world needs to think that David is dead. Sherry asks why, and Palmer says its because Drazen has Kim hostage.
Prev124x03.jpg Victor Drazen
  • Victor Drazen tells Andre that they cannot do anything until they know that Jack is also dead.
  • Jack offers to trade himself for Kim.
Prev124x04.jpg Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer escapes from being held by the Drazens.
Prev124x05.jpg Nina Myers