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This article's subject relates to Season 2 of 24.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

These are the Previously on 24 segments for Season 2. Names in bold were pictured in the title cards.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev202x01 President David Palmer
Prev202x02 Kate Warner
Prev202x03 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer spurns Jack's attempts to rekindle their relationship, claiming that seeing him reminds her of her mother's death.
  • Gary Matheson yells at his wife, Carla and injures his daughter, Megan.
Prev202x04 Jack Bauer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev203x01 George Mason
  • George Mason advises CTU of the nuclear bomb threat and tries to escape the blast radius.
Prev203x02 President David Palmer
Prev203x03 Kate Warner
  • Kate Warner speaks with Ralph Burton about Reza's terrorist connections.
Prev203x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer gets briefed before going undercover with Eddie Grant. He learns of the upcoming attack on CTU.
Prev203x05 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer and Megan Matheson flee the Matheson household. Megan is missing from her hiding place after an altercation between Kim and Gary Matheson.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev204x01 Kate Warner
Prev204x02 George Mason
  • George Mason inhales lethal levels of radioactive plutonium in an abandoned warehouse. He has between a day and a week to live.
Prev204x03 President David Palmer
Prev204x04 Kim Bauer
Prev204x05 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer assists Eddie Grant in the plot to attack CTU.
  • CTU is destroyed from explosives placed by the terrorists.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev205x01 President David Palmer
Prev205x02 Kate Warner
Prev205x03 George Mason
Prev205x04 Kim Bauer
Prev205x05 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer confronts Joseph Wald about the attack on CTU. Wald gives up the information Jack's after, then shoots himself. Photos reveal Wald's collaborator to be Nina Myers.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev206x01 President David Palmer
  • Roger Stanton arrives at Northwest Command Center and talks with David Palmer. He gives his concerns about the ambassador. The ambassador's helicopter crashes.
Prev206x02 Kate Warner
  • Kate Warner tells her father about Reza's terrorist connections.
Prev206x03 Kim Bauer
  • Jack warns Kim Bauer about the nuclear bomb. Kim warns Miguel and asks her to help Megan Matheson escape.
Prev206x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer informs George Mason that Nina Myers was the informant. President Palmer grants Nina a pardon.
Prev206x05 George Mason
  • Jack demands the case with Nina and threatens to have George Mason replaced if he doesn't get it.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev207x01 Kate Warner
  • Reza's parents and find out about the questioning of Reza. Reza tells Tony Almeida that Bob Warner is responsible for the wire transfers into Syed Ali's account.
Prev207x02 President David Palmer
  • Sherry Palmer warns David Palmer about an alliance against him in his administration.
Prev207x03 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer rescues Megan Matheson from St. Virgil's Hospital. They escape in Gary Matheson's car.
Prev207x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer interrogates Nina Myers. He drugs Agent Ed Miller so he will be alone with Nina.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev208x01 Kate Warner
Prev208x02 Jack Bauer
Prev208x03 President David Palmer
Prev208x04 Kim Bauer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev209x01 President David Palmer
Prev209x02 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer is taken into custody by CHP and reveals about the bomb.
Prev209x03 Kate Warner
Prev209x04 Jack Bauer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev210x01 George Mason
Prev210x02 Kate Warner
Prev210x03 Jack Bauer
  • The plane carrying Jack Bauer and Nina Myers is shot down. Soldiers attempt to track them down. Nina requests advance immunity for Jack's murder.
Prev210x04 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer requests an update on their transfer to CTU, but Officer Brown informs them that the Captain overruled the transfer request.
Prev210x05 President David Palmer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev211x01 Jack Bauer
Prev211x02 President David Palmer
Prev211x03 Kate Warner
  • Syed Ali instructs Mohsen to kill Kate Warner. As she pleads for her life, Jack rescues her. She informs them that Ali was going to pray. Jack requests the location of the closest mosques.
Prev211x04 Kim Bauer
  • Miguel starts a fire in the police vehicle carrying him and Kim Bauer to Los Angeles, causing an accident. Kim radios in requesting medical assistance, and then escapes.
Prev211x05 Marie Warner


Picture Name Scenes
Prev212x01 President David Palmer
Prev212x02 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer, having escaped from the police, gets lost in the wilderness while finding her way. Jack Bauer inquires about her whereabouts.
Prev212x03 Marie Warner
Prev212x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack informs Kate about Syed Ali's role in the terrorist plot. Kate identifies Ali in the mosque. Upon attempting to apprehend him, CTU agents find what they believe to be Ali having burned himself to death, then resume the search upon discovering that it was a decoy.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev213x01 President David Palmer
Prev213x02 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer interrogates Syed Ali, to the point of authorizing the assassination of one of Ali's sons. Ali relents and reveals that the bomb is located at Norton Airfield.
Prev213x03 Sherry Palmer
Prev213x04 Kim Bauer
  • Kim is found caught in a cougar trap in the forest. Lonnie McRae offers to shelter Kim for the night.
Prev213x05 Marie Warner
  • Marie Warner confesses to killing Reza Naiyeer and two CTU agents in a phone conversation with Kate. She installs the bomb trigger at Norton Airfield.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev214x01 President David Palmer
Prev214x02 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer fled into the woods and got lost and stuck in a trap. A backwoodsman named Lonnie McRae rescued her and brought her back to his cabin. He lied to her and told her that the nuclear bomb went off so that she would stay and keep him company.
Prev214x03 Marie Warner
  • Marie Warner is informed of a change in plans by the terrorist she's receiving orders from.
Prev214x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack stopped the plane that supposedly held the nuclear bomb, but it turned out to be a decoy.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev215x01 George Mason
Prev215x02 Kim Bauer
  • Kim demands Lonnie McRae let her go as she knows the bomb didn't go off. Lonnie confesses he lied, but explains that he just wanted company. After Lonnie gives her a gun for protection against cougars, Kim leaves into the forest.
Prev215x03 President David Palmer
  • President Palmer speaks to Sherry after interrogating Roger Stanton, who's known about the bomb for weeks. Then President Palmer orders Sherry to leave. He threatens to place her under arrest should she resist.
Prev215x04 Marie Warner
  • At Norton Airfield, Marie Warner points a gun at Kate Warner's head and threatens to kill Kate unless she hands over her badge. Kate resists and Jack comes out and shoots Marie in the arm, disabling her. Later, Marie confesses that the bomb is downtown, at the ARCO Towers. Jack is suspicious because of Marie's hurried tone, and orders his agents to initiate a grid search of the airfield staring from north to south.
Prev215x05 Jack Bauer
  • The N.E.S.T. agent runs to a truck and finds a green duffel bag inside. They open it, revealing the real nuclear bomb. Jack Bauer asks them how much time they've got. They respond by saying any second...


Picture Name Scenes
Prev216x01 President David Palmer
  • Jack speaks to President David Palmer that the nuclear bomb will have to be flown out of the city. The N.E.S.T. team loads the bomb onto the Cessna. Lynne Kresge tells Palmer that Ground Zero in the Mojave is a very specific location to dispose of the bomb. Mike conveys to Palmer that the pilot will go down with the plane. It's a suicide mission to save thousands of lives. Palmer finds out Jack is flying the plane. After this, Palmer orders his staff to prep Air Force One to L.A. much to Lynne and Mike's dismay.
Prev216x02 Tony Almeida
  • Yusuf Auda arrives at CTU. Michelle tells Tony Almeida that Auda and his country's government helped CTU seize Syed Ali's apartment. She hands him a hard drive containing a recorded conversation of Ali and three high-ranking Arab leaders in Cyprus on April 5th. This indicates that these three Arab countries supplied Ali with the bomb.
Prev216x03 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer is in the car with Anne, and she talks to her dad, Jack. He divulges that CTU found the bomb. But the bomb is impossible to diffuse so Jack must fly it out to LA. Kim cries and Jack reassures his love for her.
Prev216x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer senses movement behind on the plane and finds George Mason in the rear. Mason gives Jack a parachute and talks Jack out of flying the plane. Mason ends up flying the Cessna. Later, Jack covers his head and hides behind a slope as light flashes on him. The bomb explodes into a nuclear mushroom cloud of powerful kilotons at Ground Zero...


Picture Name Scenes
Prev217x01 Michelle Dessler
Prev217x02 President David Palmer
Prev217x03 Kim Bauer
Prev217x04 Jack Bauer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev218x01 President David Palmer
Prev218x02 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer finds herself hostage in a liquor store. Once her captor is momentarily distracted, she flees out the back exit.
Prev218x03 Tony Almeida
Prev218x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer talks with the man who forged the Cyprus recordings. Just as the man is about to leave with Kate, Jack gets into a gunfight.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev219x01 Tony Almeida
  • Michelle Dessler admits to Tony Almeida that she has been helping Jack Bauer. Tony calls Jack, who says that the President asked Bauer to get proof that the Cyprus recording is a fake and that the man that can give the proof will only deal with him. Tony asks Jack if he's being 'used' by Wallace, Jack says that ten commandos just attacked them in order to keep this man from making a deal.
Prev219x02 Jack Bauer
  • Jonathan Wallace, dying in an urgent care center, tells Jack Bauer that the evidence with source recordings proving the 'Cyprus' audio is a fake is on a memory chip. Before he dies he manages to say the chip is 'inside'. Jack cuts open Wallace's chest and finds the chip.
Prev219x03 President David Palmer
  • President David Palmer is briefed by General Blaye that the US bombers are over the Atlantic ocean and the first will reach their targets in just under three hours. Lynne Kresge says the Secretary of Defense wants to know how long Palmer will give Jack to disprove the tape. Palmer states that Jack has up until the time the bombs are released from the planes and every moment available will be used in order to be thorough. Kresge implies that people won't be happy with the delay of final orders.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev220x01 President David Palmer
Prev220x02 Mike Novick
Prev220x03 Kate Warner
Prev220x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer is tortured by Peter Kingsley's men to get the chip and flatlines.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev221x01 President David Palmer
  • President David Palmer tells Jim Prescott that if he has a problem with his policy, to come to him first; Prescott calls Mike Novick to make sure that Palmer doesn't know about the plans to hold a secret session of Congress.
Prev221x02 Vice President James Prescott
Prev221x03 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer learns that she will not be charged for the earlier events of the day, but that Gary is still loose.
Prev221x04 Tony Almeida
Prev221x05 Jack Bauer
  • Kate Warner is assaulted by three men who steal a chip containing an audio file on it. Jack Bauer shoots one of them, but the two remaining men lock themselves in a room.
  • One of the men threatens to destroy the chip.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev222x01 David Palmer
  • David Palmer, whom the Cabinet feel is unfit to run the country, steps down as President and is replaced with Vice President Jim Prescott.
Prev222x02 Tony Almeida
Prev222x03 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer talks to her father about her plan to retrieve her possessions from Gary's house.
Prev222x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer learns from Tony and Michelle about a lead found on the chip, and goes to investigate it. A moment after he gets there, Sherry Palmer turns on the lights.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev223x01 David Palmer
  • David Palmer asks Mike Novick about his (David's) detention.
Prev223x02 Tony Almeida
Prev223x03 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer, at the Mathesons', finds Gary present, and herself in danger. She calls her father and, with his coaching, kills Gary.
Prev223x04 Jack Bauer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev224x01 Tony Almeida
Prev224x02 Kim Bauer
Prev224x03 David Palmer
Prev224x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer plans to use Sherry Palmer to incriminate Kingsley.
  • Sherry calls Kingsley and offers to deliver Alex Hewitt to him at a special meeting place.
  • Jack's heart condition intensifies, resulting in his SUV crashing into the reservoir.