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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

These are the Previously on 24 segments for season 3. Names in bold were pictured in the title cards.


Picture Name Scenes
  • President Palmer looks at his hand which has skin peeled off from an acidic substance. His breathing becomes labored and he faints. The media around him are shocked as he loses consciousness…. (Not aired on TV reruns. The "Previously on 24" text normally displayed during previously segments was not displayed, nor were any characters named.)


Picture Name Scenes
  • A dead body infected with the Cordilla virus was dropped off at National Health Services. If the virus were to be released, over a million people in Los Angeles would be infected within a week.
Prev302x01 Counter Terrorist Unit
  • An anonymous call was placed to CTU demanding the release of Ramon Salazar or they would release the Cordilla virus in Los Angeles.
Prev302x02 Hector Salazar
  • Jack Bauer had been undercover with the Salazars and suspected Ramon's brother Hector Salazar is responsible for the threat.
  • CTU agent Gael Ortega is working as a mole for Hector.
Prev302x03 Kyle Singer
  • A teenager named Kyle Singer was paid five thousand dollars to bring a bag of cocaine into the United States from Mexico.
Prev302x05 Kim Bauer
Prev302x04 President David Palmer
Prev302x06 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer is addicted to heroin as a result of his time undercover with the Salazars.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev303x01 President David Palmer
Prev303x02 Kim Bauer
Prev303x03 Counter Terrorist Unit
Prev303x04 Kyle Singer
  • Kyle Singer's mother asks him where he received the money to pay their rent. Linda finds the powder and Kyle tells her that it was just a delivery.
  • Jack tells Chase that if Kyle is walking around with the virus, he has to stop him from putting it into circulation.
Prev303x05 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer tells Chase that he is not going on the record with his heroin addiction.
Prev303x06 Hector Salazar


Picture Name Scenes
Prev304x01 President David Palmer
Prev304x02 Kim Bauer
  • Chase tells Kim Bauer that Jack is making him sit out. Chase tells her that he wants to be able do his job.
Prev304x03 Kyle Singer
  • Kyle Singer asks Linda to bring him money. Gael Ortega tells a man to kidnap Kyle and take him to containment.
Prev304x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer tells Mr. and Mrs. Singer that he acquired a virus in Mexico and that they have three hours to find him before he come contagious.
  • Tony tells Jack that Kyle is at the Los Feliz Mall.
Prev304x05 Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida finds Kyle Singer only to be shot in the neck. Jack arrives on the site to find that Kyle Singer escaped.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev305x01 President David Palmer
  • President David Palmer asks Anne for advice, and she says to tell the truth and trust that the people can tell the difference.
Prev305x02 Michelle Dessler
  • Jack tells Michelle Dessler that Tony had been shot in the neck and that she is in command.
  • The staff listens to another terrorist demand. Michelle tells them that they have three hours to find Singer.
Prev305x03 Kyle Singer
  • Kyle Singer tells Linda that he brought the virus into the country. Kyle and Linda are kidnapped and placed in containment.
Prev305x04 Kim Bauer
  • Chase tells Kim Bauer that he is going to interrogate Salazar.
  • Jack has Kim generate a prisoner transfer document for Ramon Salazar.
Prev305x05 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer tells David Palmer that he will break Salazar out of prison and that it would be his last assignment.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev306x01 President David Palmer
Prev306x02 Kim Bauer
  • Michelle Dessler approached Kim Bauer and asked her if she'd had any contact with Jack. Kim explained that Jack asked her to issue a transfer order for Ramon Salazar because he needed to be moved. Michelle revealed that Jack lied to Kim and had broken Ramon out of prison.
Prev306x03 Kyle Singer
  • Kyle Singer tried to hang himself in hopes that the Cordilla virus would die with him. His girlfriend, Linda, broke the pipe from which Kyle was hanging before he could die. CTU Los Angeles agents tracked and located Kyle and Linda and rescued them.
Prev306x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer and Ramon Salazar commandeered a helicopter outside of the prison.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev307x01 President David Palmer
Prev307x02 Counter Terrorist Unit
  • Chappelle took charge of Counter Terrorist Unit in Tony's absence. Kyle Singer was contained, and they worked to contact Jack to tell him that Salazar's escape is pointless.
Prev307x03 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer was not contacted in time, and he and Ramon Salazar escaped. He and Ramon drove to meet a plane, but the tables were turned, and Jack was knocked unconscious and taken on the plane.
Prev307x04 Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer discovered a video feed of her father being taken, and she realized that Gael is working for the Salazars.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev308x01 President David Palmer
  • President Palmer must deal with accusations against Anne Packard. His brother, Wayne, urged him to distance himself from her.
  • Ted called Anne and insisted she come by to pick up some documents that prove her innocence.
Prev308x02 Chase Edmunds
  • Chase Edmunds found out Hector Salazar's location. He told Kim, but tells her to keep it to herself. He is heading to Mexico to get Jack.
Prev308x03 Jack Bauer
  • Hector and Ramon reunited, and Jack Bauer reestablished his cover with the Salazars.
Prev308x04 Counter Terrorist Unit
  • Tony left the hospital to talk to Gael. He stopped the torture, and they found out that Jack's back in.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev309x01 President David Palmer
Prev309x02 Jack Bauer
  • Hector Salazar tells Ramon that Jack Bauer gave them an opportunity to make more money then they had ever dreamed of in exchange for 15 Million Dollars. Claudia reminds Jack that he promised to take her away from Salazar.
Prev309x03 Counter Terrorist Unit
  • At the Counter Terrorist Unit Tony Almeida tells everyone that all resources will be dedicated to helping Jack Bauer find the virus. Kim informs Tony that Chase is not coming back to CTU and that he thinks he's rescuing Jack.
Prev309x04 Chase Edmunds
  • Chase Edmunds learns that Jack is working with the Salazars. He attacks Jack in a fit of rage.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev310x01 President David Palmer
Prev310x02 Counter Terrorist Unit
Prev310x03 Chase Edmunds
Prev310x04 Michael Amador
  • Michael Amador tells Jack and the Salazars that another buyer, Nina Myers, is interested in buying the virus.
  • Nina wins the auction.
Prev310x05 Jack Bauer
  • The Salazars are about to kill Jack Bauer, but, Jack convinces them to go forward with a new plan to get the virus from Nina.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev311x01 President David Palmer
Prev311x02 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer tells Claudia that he is still working for CTU and that he set up the deal to take control of the virus.
Prev311x03 Chase Edmunds
  • Claudia tells Chase Edmunds that the virus the Salazars are going to buy, he is going to take it from them.
  • Chase helps Claudia, Sergio and Oriol escape the Salazars. Claudia gets shot in the crossfire.
Prev311x04 Counter Terrorist Unit
Prev311x05 Nina Myers
  • Michael Amador tells Jack and the Salazars that another buyer, Nina Myers, is interested in buying the virus.
  • Nina wins the auction for the virus.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev312x01 President David Palmer
Prev312x02 Michael Amador
  • Michael Amador calls Nina to decide a meeting place and that he has the virus with him.
Prev312x03 Counter Terrorist Unit
  • At the Counter Terrorist Unit, Michelle picks up a call placed by Jack, using his cell as a one-way. Due to this, CTU learns the location of the meeting.
Prev312x04 Chase Edmunds
  • Chase Edmunds speaks with his team about their positions at the mine, and that it will take 90 seconds to move in on the mine.
Prev312x05 Jack Bauer
  • Hector Salazar tells Jack Bauer and Ramon that the deal is off. Ramon shoots Hector in the back.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev313x01 President David Palmer
Prev313x02 Counter Terrorist Unit
  • At the Counter Terrorist Unit, Adam tells Kim that the baby she's taking care of is not Chloe's.
  • Kim raises concern to Tony about Chloe O'Brian being unstable and he says that she is not expendable.
Prev313x03 Jack Bauer
  • Ramon Salazar has the virus and points a gun at Jack Bauer. Delta Teams move in. Jack corners Ramon but the vial of virus explodes.
Prev313x04 Michael Amador
  • Michael Amador is cornered by Delta 3, but they were ambushed and he escaped.
  • Jack tells Chase that their only choice now is to find Nina.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev314x01 President David Palmer
Prev314x02 Jack Bauer
  • Nina tells Jack Bauer that anytime that Amador does business on the west coast he goes through a man named Alvers.
Prev314x03 Michael Amador
Prev314x04 Sherry Palmer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev315x01 President David Palmer
Prev315x02 Counter Terrorist Unit
Prev315x04 Nina Myers
  • While being tortured, Nina Myers moved while Richards was injecting a needle, causing it to hit an artery....
Prev315x03 Jack Bauer
  • Nina escaped from the medical ward and was cornered by Kim Bauer. Jack Bauer intervened and shot Nina.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev316x01 President David Palmer
  • Sherry Palmer went to the Milliken residence, and after an argument with Julia and Alan, Sherry was partially responsible for Alan Milliken's death. She told President David Palmer's brother Wayne about the incident.
Prev316x02 Stephen Saunders
Prev316x03 Jack Bauer
Prev316x04 Counter Terrorist Unit
  • At the Counter Terrorist Unit Tony Almeida contacted the head of security at the hotel and told him that a threat had been made against his hotel. No one was to be let in or out of the hotel.
  • Michelle Dessler captured Marcus Alvers and found out where the virus was, but Gael Ortega was unable to get to the device before it released virus into the ventilation system. Gael was the first to be infected.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev317x01 Michelle Dessler
  • Michelle Dessler interrogates Marcus Alvers and he tells her that there are 11 vials of the virus.
  • Michelle calls Tony and says that a vial of the virus was released inside the hotel and that they have to quarantine the hotel.
Prev317x02 Jack Bauer
Prev317x03 President David Palmer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev318x01 Michelle Dessler
  • Michelle Dessler informed Tony of Gael's death and pleaded with him to allow her to offer the hotel guests and staff the option of suicide capsules. As Tony prepared the capsules he informed Ryan Chappelle of the situation and despite it being "against every regulation in the book", Chappelle allowed it.
Prev318x02 Jack Bauer
Prev318x03 Counter Terrorist Unit
  • At the Counter Terrorist Unit, Jack tells Chappelle that the entire MI6 Building was destroyed. He secured the hard drive that the Saunders Information was on. Chappelle states that he is trying to follow the money trails.
Prev318x04 President David Palmer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev319x01 Counter Terrorist Unit
Prev319x02 President David Palmer
Prev319x03 Ryan Chappelle
  • Jack tells Ryan Chappelle that the president capitulated with Saunders' demand, to have Ryan killed.
Prev319x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer is hopeful that they found Saunders, but there was no one there.
  • Jack executes Chappelle.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev320x01 President David Palmer
Prev320x02 Counter Terrorist Unit
Prev320x03 Kim Bauer
Prev320x04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer interrogates Jane.
  • Kim is captured by one of Saunders' men. Kim shoots and kills him. She states that Saunders is going to find out that they have his daughter.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev321x01 President David Palmer
Prev321x02 Jane Saunders
  • After receiving a phonecall from his daughter, Jane Saunders, Saunders realises that CTU is holding her hostage.
Prev321x03 Jack Bauer
Prev321x04 Tony Almeida
  • Saunders reveals to Tony Almeida that he his holding Michelle hostage and threatens to kill her unless Tony ensures a safe exit for Saunders.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev322x01 President David Palmer
Prev322x02 Jack Bauer
Prev322x03 Stephen Saunders
Prev322x04 Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida enters Jane Saunders' holding room, tasering a guard, and takes her out a back entrance. He calls Saunders and tells him that he has Jane, and they arrange a meeting place.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev323x01 President David Palmer
Prev323x02 Tony Almeida
Prev323x03 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer and Tony go to Saunders' meeting point. A CTU team takes down all of Saunders' men and Jack apprehends Saunders himself.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev324x01 President David Palmer
Prev324x02 Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida is in holding, and is informed by Brad Hammond that he may spend 20 years in prison, if he is lucky, because he put Michelle's life ahead of national security. He could face the death penalty.
Prev324x03 Stephen Saunders
Prev324x04 Jack Bauer