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This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

These are the Previously on 24 segments for Season 7. Names in bold will indicate characters pictured in the title cards.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev702x01.png President Allison Taylor
Prev702x02.png Henry Taylor
Prev702x03.png FBI Agent Renee Walker
Prev702x04.png Jack Bauer
Prev702x05.png Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida calls Jack and tells him to give up as he will not find anything. He then breaches air traffic control with the help of Michael Latham, taking over control of a commercial flight.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev703x01.png Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida takes out the control units of the FAA, telling the controllers that he wants them to see "what we can do".
  • He causes a near-collision of two planes, telling the FAA that whatever they do next will be the real thing.
Prev703x02.png Colonel Iké Dubaku
Prev703x03.png Henry Taylor
Prev703x04.png FBI Agent Renee Walker
Prev703x05.png Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer finds and secures Tony Almeida. Larry Moss arrives on a chopper, and Jack questions Tony on what happened to him.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev704x01.png Alan Tanner
  • Tony says Emerson spoke to his person inside the bureau, who says he's in the clear. Tony asks the details of the next job, Alan Tanner says let him know when he arrives. He was shot on the boat.
Prev704x02.png President Allison Taylor
Prev704x03.png Colonel Iké Dubaku
  • Colonel Iké Dubaku is wondering why President Allison Taylor hasn't withdrawn her naval forces from Sanagala but Nichols claims that she just briefly received his demands. Then Dubaku says that maybe it's time for a more "forceful" demonstration.
Prev704x04.png Henry Taylor
Prev704x05.png Bill Buchanan
  • Bill Buchanan explains that Tony is not a terrorist and is actually undercover and is working for him.
Prev704x06.png Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer breaks Tony Almeida out of FBI custody and gets into a van driven by Bill with Tony.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev705x01.jpg President Allison Taylor
Prev705x02.jpg Henry Taylor
  • Henry Taylor meets with Samantha Roth and she offers him proof that his son was murdered after he found a corrupt account that belonged to an unnamed member of his wife's administration. Samantha gives Henry a memory stick with the incriminating information that Roger found.
Prev705x03.jpg FBI Agent Renee Walker
  • FBI Agent Renee Walker and Larry Moss realize that Jack Bauer deceived them to help Tony Almeida. Walker promises Moss that she will find Jack and Almeida, at whatever cost.
  • At the hospital, Walker tries to get information out of Tony's accomplice, Alan Tanner. When Tanner refuses to speak, Walker tortures him to get the information. She then calls Moss and tells him that Tony has plans to kidnap Ule Matobo.
Prev705x04.jpg Jack Bauer
Prev705x05.jpg David Emerson
  • David Emerson receives a call from Tony telling him Jack Bauer will work for him. He then informs Tony that their next job is to kidnap Matobo, and deliver him to Dubaku.
  • Emerson raids Matobo's residence, while Matobo and his wife escape to a safe room. Jack realizes that the safe room will be hard to penetrate; and Tony emphasizes the importance of capturing Matobo in order to reach Dubaku.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev706x01.jpg Prime Minister Ule Matobo
Prev706x02.jpg Samantha Roth
Prev706x03.jpg Henry Taylor
  • Henry Taylor finds out Agent Brian Gedge is the one that killed Roger. Gedge then proceeds to paralyze Taylor.
  • Meanwhile Agent Vossler picks up Samantha and asks to drive her to her apartment.
Prev706x04.jpg FBI Agent Renee Walker
Prev706x05.jpg Jack Bauer


Picture Name Scenes
Prev707x01.jpg President Allison Taylor
Prev707x02.jpg Henry Taylor
  • Henry Taylor witnesses Brian Gedge kill Samantha Roth.
  • As Gedge is trying to kill Taylor so it looks like a suicide, he regains movement and struggles with Gedge. They both fall from a second floor on a table and Gedge dies.
Prev707x03.jpg Larry Moss
Prev707x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer assures Walker that they'll stop the attacks, and the Matobos agree to cooperate with them.
Prev707x05.jpg Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida hands the Matobos to Nichols. As Nichols orders to kill him, Jack shoots the henchman.
Prev707x06.jpg Colonel Iké Dubaku


Picture Name Scenes
Prev708x01.jpg President Allison Taylor
Prev708x02.jpg Colonel Iké Dubaku
Prev708x03.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer raids Dubaku's hideout with Tony, Bill, and Renne, resulting in the CIP device being destroyed. However, Dubaku manages to escape.
Prev708x04.jpg Prime Minister Ule Matobo
  • Prime Minister Ule Matobo assures Tony and Bill that they can trust President Taylor, despite the corruption in the government. He proceeds to call her and arranges a private meeting with her.
Prev708x05.jpg Henry Taylor


Picture Name Scenes
Prev709x01.jpg Colonel Iké Dubaku
Prev709x02.jpg FBI Agent Renee Walker
Prev709x03.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer briefs President Allison Taylor about Dubaku's status and assures her his loyalties lie with her.
  • He and Renee raid Dubaku's hideout killing all his men, but not before one of them shoots Henry Taylor in the midriff.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev710x01.jpg President Allison Taylor
Prev710x02.jpg Colonel Iké Dubaku
Prev710x03.jpg Marika Donoso
  • Marika Donoso is about to meet with Dubaku when Jack Bauer and Renee Walker storm her apartment.
  • Jack Bauer asks her to go on with her meeting so they can track her to him, and Renee assures her she'll be fine.
Prev710x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer is stopped while he is following Marika by Washington police officers that present a warrant for his arrest.
  • When Burnett tells Dubaku about Marika's betrayal, he prepares to confront her.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev711x01.jpg Colonel Iké Dubaku
  • Colonel Iké Dubaku prepares to leave the country and threatens Ryan Burnett with revealing the names of everyone helping him if he was caught.
  • Dubaku's girlfriend, Marika Donoso agrees to meet with him so Jack and Renee can track him.
  • During the pursuit, Marika causes a crash and Dubaku ends up critically injured. Before being taken to the hospital, Jack retrieves a memory stick from under his ribcage and informs Larry Moss about it.
Prev711x02.jpg FBI Agent Renee Walker
  • FBI Agent Renee Walker has to tell Rosa Donoso that her sister, Marika, didn't survive the pursuit, and she blasts Renee for not protecting her.
  • Emotionally stricken by Marika's death, Renee berates Jack for not showing emotions, and slaps him as she breaks down crying.
Prev711x03.jpg President Allison Taylor
Prev711x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer meets with Tony Almeida, who informs him of the imminent attack that will follow. He also tells him that Burnett has information about the attack.
  • While Burnett is getting ready to leave, he receives a message notifying him that the attack is about to begin.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev712x01.jpg Jack Bauer
Prev712x02.jpg President Allison Taylor
  • President Allison Taylor pleads to Jack to stop torturing Burnett.
  • When they break in the room, Taylor orders Jack's arrest and tells him he should've come to her first.
Prev712x03.jpg General Benjamin Juma
  • General Benjamin Juma reminds Udo that Laurent Dubaku shouldn't know that they had his father killed because of his cowardice.
  • Juma then forbids Laurent of going with his team telling him he has to stay behind to cover them.
Prev712x04.jpg FBI Agent Renee Walker
  • FBI Agent Renee Walker informs Larry Moss of Juma's preparation.
  • Renee boards the boat and finds out the next target is the White House. As she is trying to escape, she is pursued by Laurent.
  • As Laurent chases Renee, Juma and his men start drilling underwater to reach the White House.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev713x01.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer forcibly interrogates Ryan Burnett at the White House before the President orders him to stand down and he is taken into custody.
  • Jack learns from Buchanan that Renee Walker has been tracking a heavily armed commando squad under General Juma's command.
Prev713x02.jpg Bill Buchanan
Prev713x03.jpg Vice President Mitchell Hayworth
Prev713x04.jpg General Benjamin Juma
Prev713x05.jpg President Allison Taylor
  • President Allison Taylor watches in horror as Juma threatens to mutilate her daughter in front of her eyes. She orders Jack Bauer to open the lockdown door.
  • Juma orders his men to place Jack with the hostages, and then strikes the President across the face.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev714x01.jpg Bill Buchanan
Prev714x02.jpg President Allison Taylor
  • President Allison Taylor tells Ethan Kanin her idea of bringing her daughter, Olivia, as a special adviser. Ethan disagrees with the idea because of Olivia's past actions during her mother's campaigns.
  • When Ethan approaches Olivia with the offer, she attacks him for allowing all this corruption to reach her mother.
Prev714x03.jpg FBI Agent Renee Walker
  • Renee Walker is suspended by Larry Moss after she circumvented his authority by taking Jack's information to Ethan Kanin.
Prev714x04.jpg Jonas Hodges
  • Jonas Hodges worries that Burnett might spoil all their plans, but Greg Seaton assures him that he already sent someone to take care of Burnett.
Prev714x05.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer is taken to question Burnett. While he is doing so, Quinn infiltrates the hospital room paralyzing Jack with a nerve gas, kills Burnett, and gets back out.
  • When Jack recovers movement, he realizes he is being framed and escapes just as Larry enters the room. Jack calls him from outside and assures him he didn't do anything and that the threat is not over yet.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev715x01.jpg Ethan Kanin
  • Ethan Kanin is threatened by reporter Ken Dellao who plans to reveal the information about Ryan Burnett's murder and Ethan's involvement to the public.
  • Ethan berates Olivia Taylor when he thinks she was responsible for the leak. .
Prev715x02.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer contacts Renee Walker after escaping from the hospital and assures her he had nothing to do with Burnett's murder.
  • He sends her a picture of Quinn which she identifies as an employee of Starkwood.
Prev715x03.jpg FBI Agent Renee Walker
Prev715x04.jpg Jonas Hodges
Prev715x05.jpg Senator Blaine Mayer
  • Senator Blaine Mayer gives Jack access to his Starkwood files and both find out connections between the company and Sangala.
  • Mayer offers to help Jack, but is shot by Quinn as he arrives at his home.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev716x01.jpg Larry Moss
  • Senator Blaine Mayer is killed.
  • Larry Moss informs Ethan Kanin of Mayer's death, and their assumption that Jack killed him. Kanin blames Moss, but the latter says it was Kanin's fault for allowing Jack out of FBI custody.
Prev716x02.jpg President Allison Taylor
Prev716x03.jpg FBI Agent Renee Walker
  • FBI Agent Renee Walker is brought up to speed. She asks where Jack is, but Moss does not know. She divulges all Jack told her about Quinn and Burnett, and the connection with Starkwood.
Prev716x04.jpg Jack Bauer
Prev716x05.jpg Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida engages with the men whilst Jack goes after the truck with the biological device. Tony is captured and recognised. Jack gets the weapon and calls Moss. He sees there is a leak and stops it, but exposes himself to the WMD.
  • The weapon is stolen by the Starkwood employees via a helicopter.
Prev716x06.jpg Jonas Hodges
  • Jonas Hodges learns what happened. He says that Jack probably contacted the authorities, and so decided to move up their schedule.
  • Jack called Moss and explained what happened, informing him of his exposure to the weapon to prove that Starkwood has the WMD.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev717x01.jpg President Allison Taylor
Prev717x02.jpg Jonas Hodges
Prev717x03.jpg Tony Almeida
Prev717x04.jpg FBI Agent Renee Walker
  • FBI Agent Renee Walker is informed by Larry Moss about Starkwood retrieving the weapon and Jack being exposed to it.
  • Renee goes to Dr. Sunny Macer and asks her about a cure but she says there isn't any.
Prev717x05.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer asks Larry Moss to let him go with them to Starkwood but Larry refuses to because he doesn't wanna risk him showing symptoms there.
  • After searching the Starkwood warehouse where Greg Seaton alleged the weapons were, Larry and his men are ambushed by Stokes and several platoon of Starkwood mercenaries requesting them to leave their property.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev718x01.jpg The FBI
Prev718x02.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer has a seizure which means he is getting worse. When a possible treatment comes up that involves his daughter, Jack rejects it, not wanting to involve her.
Prev718x03.jpg Jonas Hodges
  • Jonas Hodges argues with Doug Knowles. He claims that he treated Doug like a son for 20 years, but when he feels he is going to betray him anyway, takes a glass bottle and bashes him on the head with it. Hodges then throws him over a railing onto the floor below, killing him.
Prev718x04.jpg President Allison Taylor
  • President Allison Taylor answers Jonas Hodges' call who threatens her with using some Python-5 missiles they seized during a Starkwood operation in Pakistan. He tells her he has three of the missiles already armed with the bioweapon, and aimed at cities on the Eastern seaboard. Then, he tells her to keep this conservation secret and to turn her F-18s around and that if she doesn't comply, he will have no choice but to launch those missiles.
  • After this, President Taylor urges Admiral John Smith to call off the air strike immediately.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev719x01.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer collapses due to the prion variant pathogen symptoms. Dr. Sunny Macer gives her a pack of syringes to mask the symptoms, but suggests an experimental treatment using stem cells from a close relative like his daughter. Jack rejects it not wanting to involve her.
Prev719x02.jpg Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer meets with Jack and tells him that Renee Walker told her about the experimental treatment. Jack tells her he is not willing to take the chance.
Prev719x03.jpg President Allison Taylor
Prev719x04.jpg Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida holds Stokes at gunpoint so he can lead him to the fuel depot. After wiring the tanks with C-4, he has to fight with Stokes but right when the missiles are about to be launched, Tony overpowers him and detonates the explosives.
  • President Taylor tells Hodges that his missiles are destroyed as he is arrested. Hodges assures her that the crisis is not over yet and that she is up against something bigger than she imagines.
  • Galvez tries to smuggle a canister of the pathogen outside Starkwood and kills an FBI agent to do it, but not before he warns Larry Moss.
Prev719x05.jpg The FBI
  • At the FBI Headquarters, Renee Walker is informed by Larry of the stolen canister. He tells her to alert DC police while he pursues Galvez on the helicopter.
  • When Larry and Tony get out of the chopper, Galvez manages to shoot Larry with a shotgun. When Tony approaches him, he smothers him instead of helping him.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev7x20 1.jpg Tony Almeida
Prev7x20 2.jpg Olivia Taylor
  • Olivia Taylor discusses with her mother about the possible fate of Jonas Hodges. She says he's positioning himself for a deal. She begs the President not to go through with a pardon.
Prev7x20 3.jpg Jonas Hodges
  • Jonas Hodges is locked up in a cell under the White House when he is visited by Cara Bowden, who is posing as his attorney Patricia Eames. She tells him that the prion variant was not for personal use, and that he may have jeopardized the rest of the conspirators.
  • She hands him a pill and threatens his family if he doesn't digest it.
  • During transport, Hodges takes the pill and goes into cardiac arrest. His escort yells at the driver to re-route them to West Arlington Hospital.
Prev7x20 4.jpg Alan Wilson
  • Alan Wilson asks Bowden if she's heard from Tony, asking if he has secured the canister.
  • He tells her that Tony is her guy and that he better not screw up. She says she has faith in him.
Prev7x20 5.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Tony asks Jack Bauer why he won't go back to the Washington Field Office and let them treat him. Jack tells him there's no cure.
  • Renee Walker tells Jack that Galvez had to know their search patterns because he had ample time to set up the building with explosives. Jack has a sudden realization that Tony may have been Galvez's partner.
  • Jack confronts Tony, but starts having a seizure. Tony tells Jack that he never wanted to hurt him, but he wanted him to stay out of it.
  • Paramedics arrive. Tony tells them Jack is having a seizure and walks off as Jack watches, shaking uncontrollably.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev721x01.jpg President Allison Taylor
Prev721x02.jpg Olivia Taylor
  • Olivia Taylor is informed of the witness protection immunity agreement that will be given to Hodges in exchange for his cooperation. She argues with her mother saying that Hodges killed Roger Taylor and thousands of American citizens.
  • Aaron Pierce picks up the agreement that Olivia drafted for Hodges. When he is about to leave, she infers for Aaron to kill Hodges. When Aaron is shocked, Olivia immediately apologizes for what she just said.
  • Olivia calls Martin Collier and asks him to remember a time when he said that any "problem can be eliminated". They then agree to meet face to face.
Prev721x03.jpg Jonas Hodges
  • Jonas Hodges is in FBI medical being interrogated by Jack Bauer. Hodges says all the attacks would be done by framing Muslims. Then when the government can no longer be helpful and citizens would demand drastic measures. Jack yells for Hodges to give names for the co-conspirators but Jonas tells him he doesn't know.
Prev721x04.jpg Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida convinces Cara Bowden not to wait six months for an attack, suggesting that they should use the mess created by Hodges to their advantage.
  • Cara discusses the idea with the group of conspirators and tells them about using a Muslim to frame for the attacks.
  • Tony and his crew break into Jibraan Al-Zarian's house and tells him to keep his mouth shut as he puts a gun to his face.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev722x01.jpg Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer meets with her father for the first time in three years. She expresses her desire to try an experimental treatment for his illness using her stem cells, but Jack turns her down, not wanting to put her at risk. When his symptoms act up, he begs her to leave before he gets worse.
Prev722x02.jpg Olivia Taylor
Prev722x03.jpg Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida explains to Jibraan Al-Zarian that he must do exactly as he and his associates say, or else his brother will be killed.
  • Jibraan tells Hamid that he plans to strike back at the United States for killing their parents.
Prev722x04.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer and Renee Walker visit a mosque and question Muhtadi Gohar about Al-Zarian's location.
  • Chloe calls Jack and tells him that there is evidence suggesting Al-Zarian is innocent and is being set up.
  • Jack and the FBI agents burst into Al-Zarian's apartment, allowing Hamid the opportunity to break a mirror and stab the man guarding him in the throat.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev723x01.jpg Olivia Taylor
  • Jonas Hodges is killed in a carbomb outside FBI headquarters.
  • Olivia Taylor, terrified, meets with Martin Collier and asks him why his assassin went ahead with the hit even after she withheld payment. He replies that he authorized the action, since "it's what [she] wanted."
Prev723x02.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer catches up with Tony Almeida and interrogates him to find out where the biological attack is taking place.
  • Jack manages to intercept the canister and contain it just in time.
  • Renee advises Jack to take another shot to control his seizures, but he replies that the medicine has stopped working.
Prev723x03.jpg Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer makes conversation with a friendly couple while waiting at the airport.
  • Cara Bowden calls Jack Bauer and shows him a live video feed of Kim, revealing that her operatives are with her and will kill her unless he breaks Tony out of FBI custody.


Picture Name Scenes
Prev724x01.jpg President Allison Taylor
Prev724x02.jpg Ethan Kanin
Prev724x03.jpg FBI Agent Renee Walker
Prev724x04.jpg Kim Bauer
  • Kim Bauer attempts to secure Bob Peluso's laptop from the burning wreck of his car. He tries to hold her arm to keep her from escaping, but she makes it out with some minor burns.
  • Kim tells Renee that the laptop might help them track down where Jack is being held.
Prev724x05.jpg Tony Almeida
  • Tony Almeida explains his plan to Cara Bowden: they will use the pathogen present in Jack's system to create more and carry out the attack as planned.
Prev724x06.jpg Alan Wilson
  • Impressed by Tony's resourcefulness, Alan Wilson agrees to meet him face-to-face to vet him for a larger role in his organization, but warns Cara that if he becomes suspicious, he'll have no choice but to kill Tony.
Prev724x07.jpg Jack Bauer
  • Tony's doctors explain that Jack Bauer only has a few hours to live, but that the pathogen can be harvested up to two hours after his death.
  • While the doctors prepare to move him, Jack snaps into action, killing two of them with a scalpel and the other by breaking his neck, and escapes the compound.

* The "Previously on 24" segment did not air on the original network broadcast of this episode.