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These are the Previously on 24 segments for Season 8. Names in bold will indicate characters pictured in the title cards.


Picture Name Scenes
8x02prev01 Jack Bauer
8x02prev02 President Allison Taylor
8x02prev03 President Omar Hassan
8x02prev04 CTU NY: Brian Hastings
  • At CTU NY, Brian Hastings receives a call from Jack asking him for both immunity and a helicopter pickup for Victor Aruz, an old informant who claims to have information on an assassination attempt against President Hassan. Unfortunately, the helicopter is taken out with a rocket, killing Aruz before he can tell Jack who inside Hassan's circle is conspiring against him.


Picture Name Scenes
  • A stinger missile is fired at a CTU helicopter, incapacitating Victor Aruz. He informs Jack that the hitter on President Omar Hassan has someone on the inside, but dies before providing specifics. Jack relays this to CTU.
8x03prev01 CTU New York
8x03prev02 President Omar Hassan
  • President Omar Hassan is in denial about Reed. His brother Farhad tells him that if the affair becomes public, it'll destroy everything he's worked for. Farhad then calls Davros, who briefs him on how important it is that CTU believes her to be the inside person, so he can perform the hit.
8x03prev03 Chloe O'Brian
  • Chloe O'Brian shows Jack a possible suspect who may have tried to frame Reed. They identify the cab company, and Chloe works on getting a destination.
8x03prev04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer is caught retrieving weapons from the CTU armory. He tells Hastings about what he and Chloe found. Hastings allows him to pursue the lead on his own.
8x03prev05 Dana Walsh
  • Dana Walsh receives a call from a man claiming that he knows her real name as Jenny Scott.
8x03prev06 Davros
  • Davros arrives at a residential house, and is greeted by a woman calling him Mike Farmer. Once inside, he takes her and her husband hostage. He demands the man call their Captain in the NYPD and claim he will swap shifts with "Mike".


Picture Name Scenes
8x04prev01 Brian Hastings
  • A CTU agent tells Brian Hastings that they found a key card on Meredith Reed. Hastings confronts her about it and she says Omar Hassan gave it to her.
8x04prev02 President Omar Hassan
  • Hastings calls President Omar Hassan, who admits to having an affair with Reed and giving her the access card.
8x04prev03 Farhad Hassan
  • Farhad Hassan calls Davros and lets him know that his brother admitted to the affair and is worried the set up will be revealed. Davros says his brother will be dead before the hour is up.
8x04prev04 Dana Walsh
  • Dana Walsh meets outside with Kevin Wade and asks what he wants. He says he needs a place to stay and Walsh gives him a key to her apartment.
8x04prev05 President Allison Taylor
  • A security guard tells President Allison Taylor there is a possible bomb in the UN and they are evacuating her and Hassan. Fahrad Hassan calls Davros to let him know his brother is leaving the building.
8x04prev06 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer tells the officer that the threat is going down now and he can either help or stand there. Jack is talking to Chloe who tells him the UN was evacuated for a possible bomb. Jack immediately figures that it is a trap and the bomb is in Hassan's motorcade and tells Cole Ortiz that he needs to stop that vehicle or Hassan is a dead man. Cole manages to collide with Hassan's vehicle and both of their vehicles explode and flip over.


Picture Name Scenes
8x05prev01 Farhad Hassan
  • Farhad Hassan calls Davros to find out that his brother is alive and, under Davros' advice, he flees the scene stabbing a CTU agent in the process.
8x05prev02 President Omar Hassan
  • President Omar Hassan is informed by Brian Hastings that his brother was working against him. When the alarm at CTU detect traces of enriched uranium on Davros' body, Hassan informs Hastings that Farhad had been contacted previously by someone who wanted to sell decommissioned Russian fuel rods.
8x05prev03 Sergei Bazhaev
  • Sergei Bazhaev takes Farhad to meet his younger son, Oleg, who is dying from radioactive poisoning, to serve him as proof that the nuclear rods are already in the US.
8x05prev04 Renee Walker
  • Renee Walker is asked by Brian Hastings to go back undercover with the Russian mob to identify the seller of the nuclear rods.
8x05prev05 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer expresses his disapproval of Hastings' decision. When Hastings tells him there is no other option, Jack insists on going undercover with her. When Renee cuts the thumb of Ziya Dakhilov to take off his parole bracelet, Jack angrily intervenes. However, Renee refuses to abort the mission.


Picture Name Scenes
8x06prev01 President Allison Taylor
8x06prev02 Sergei Bazhaev
8x06prev03 Dana Walsh
  • Kevin Wade attacks Dana Walsh in her apartment, demanding that she use her access at CTU to provide him a payout of six figures.
8x06prev04 Renee Walker
  • Renee Walker prepares to go undercover with Vladimir Laitanan to track down the stolen fuel rods. Chloe O'Brian tells Jack that Laitanan apparently tried to rape Renee when she was undercover six years ago.
  • When Renee and Laitanan meet, he becomes suspicious and orders her tied up and taken to a pier on the East River.
8x06prev05 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer asks for permission to take Renee out of the operation, since Laitanan failed to take the bait. However, Renee manages to convince Laitanan that she has nothing else to live for, and the cover holds.


Picture Name Scenes
8x07prev01 President Allison Taylor
  • President Allison Taylor is told by Rob Weiss that the crackdown underway in Kamistan has not improved. Ethan Kanin says that the British delgates are threatening to pull out of the peace accord. President Taylor tells him to assemble them and convince them to continue their support.
8x07prev02 President Omar Hassan
  • President Omar Hassan notices that a member of his opposition is a cousine of Jamot, a member of the IRK delegation. He orders Tarin Faroush to arrest Jamot and bring him to the embassy. Tarin then calls Kayla Hassan and says that they'll meet in private when he returns from the embassy.
8x07prev03 Dana Walsh
  • Dana Walsh gives Kevin Wade the schematics and a key card to get into the NYPD evidence lock up building. He asked how to find the money and Dana says the bins are numbered and to do exactly what she says.
8x07prev04 Sergei Bazhaev
  • Sergei Bazhaev argues with his son Josef Bazhaev about the doctor treating Oleg Bazhaev and their operation being exposed. Sergei slaps Josef and ends up shooting Oleg to end his suffering. He tells Josef never to disobey an order again.
8x07prev05 Renee Walker
8x07prev06 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer as Ernst Meier completes the transfer of 5 million dollars to Vladimir's account. Suddenly the men pull their guns out but Cole Ortiz in time intervenes and Jack shoots three of their men dead. Jack tells the fourth man to tell Vladimir that if he tries something like that again the deal will be over. Vlaidmir says to the fourth man to bring Jack in. Jack orders him to get up.


Picture Name Scenes
8x08prev01 President Omar Hassan
8x08prev02 Kayla Hassan
  • Later, Tarin tells Kayla Hassan about the extreme measures that her father is using to find the traitors. Before they can do anything, Tarin is arrested by Nabeel on the President's orders; Kayla promises to speak to her father to help him.
8x08prev03 President Allison Taylor
8x08prev04 Dana Walsh
8x08prev05 Sergei Bazhaev
8x08prev06 Renee Walker
  • Renee Walker presses Laitanan to keep searching for a contact who knows about the deal, but he refuses, striking her in the face. In a fit of rage, Renee stabs and kills Laitanan.
8x08prev07 Jack Bauer
  • A group of Russians arrives at Laitanan's garage. Jack Bauer presents himself to them as a potential buyer, so that they will take him back to the real dealers of the nuclear rods. When Cole Ortiz arrives, Renee tells him what happened, but CTU reports that they can find no sign of their departure from the air.


Picture Name Scenes
8x09prev01 Renee Walker
  • Renee Walker stabs and kills Vladimir Laitanan. Jack tells her to maintain that it was self-defense, which he will back up if the murder is investigated.
8x09prev02 Cole Ortiz
  • Cole Ortiz orders Arlo Glass to tell him what he knows about Dana's absence. Arlo shows him video of her meeting with Kevin Wade, then agrees to help Cole track her down.
8x09prev03 Dana Walsh
8x09prev04 Sergei Bazhaev
8x09prev05 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer secures an immunity agreement for Bazhaev in exchange for the location of the fuel rods. However, CTU teams find the truck empty and both guards dead, leading Sergei to realize his son has betrayed him.


Picture Name Scenes
8x10prev01 Cole Ortiz
8x10prev02 Kayla Hassan
  • Kayla Hassan confesses to her father that she and Tarin Faroush, currently under arrest on suspicion of treason, have been in love for more than a year.
8x10prev03 Farhad Hassan
  • Farhad Hassan learns of Samir's plan to use the fuel rods against the United States, and stages an escape from his safehouse.
  • In hiding, Hassan contacts CTU and agrees to turn over his information if they rescue him from Samir and his men.
8x10prev04 Brian Hastings
8x10prev05 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer interrupts an interview between Renee and Kristen Smith, but is arrested by CTU security. With Ortiz gone, Jack agrees to lead the operation to retrieve Farhad, in exchange for Hastings dropping the charges against Renee Walker.


Picture Name Scenes
8x11prev01 Dana Walsh
8x11prev02 President Omar Hassan
8x11prev03 Farhad Hassan
  • Farhad Hassan gets impatient waiting for CTU New York to arrive and attempts to run away from an armed gunman, only to get himself shot.
8x11prev04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer fights to keep Farhad alive and, when he fails, orchestrates a plan to lure one of his operatives into the open.
  • At St. Julian's Hospital, Jack confronts Marcos Al-Zacar, who escapes through a window and into a hyperbaric chamber.


Picture Name Scenes
8x12prev01 Dana Walsh
8x12prev02 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer tries to disarm Marcos' explosive vest, but is not able to do that in time. Before dying, Marcos claims that one of the conspirators is Tarin Faroush.
8x12prev03 Kayla Hassan
  • Kayla Hassan gets a call from her mother, and she says her where she is hiding with Tarin. She locks herself in the bathroom.
8x12prev04 Samir Mehran


Picture Name Scenes
8x13prev01 Dana Walsh
8x13prev02 Samir Mehran
8x13prev03 Kayla Hassan
8x13prev04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer learns that Tarin is alive and Kayla is unknowingly being used to attack CTU.
8x13prev05 CTU New York


Picture Name Scenes
8x14prev01 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer calls the NSA and tells them that CTU New York is offline and that they must shut down bridge and tunnel traffic.
8x14prev02 Renee Walker
8x14prev03 Chloe O'Brian
8x14prev04 Samir Mehran
8x14prev05 Dana Walsh


Picture Name Scenes
8x15prev01 President Allison Taylor
8x15prev02 Rob Weiss
  • Rob Weiss doesn't agree with the President's decision and conspires with General Brucker to capture Hassan with a covert operation.
8x15prev03 Ethan Kanin
  • Ethan Kanin discovers Weiss' plot and tries to change his mind when he has an heart attack.
8x15prev04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer is escorting Hassan and his family when he's attacked by Brucker's men and he learns the plot to capture Hassan.
8x15prev05 Samir Mehran


Picture Name Scenes
8x16prev01 President Omar Hassan
  • President Omar Hassan incapacitates Jack Bauer and holds Renee at gunpoint, claiming that he cannot allow his life to be put ahead of tens of thousands. He escapes with Adrion Bishop.
8x16prev02 President Allison Taylor
8x16prev03 CTU New York
  • CTU New York tries to follow the vehicle with President Hassan in it via satellite. They set up an ambush point once they've located it.
8x16prev04 Dana Walsh
8x16prev05 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer spots Tarin deviate from his course, and Jack realises they've been made. He follows him to the garage and watches as Tarin suicides by driving off the roof and crashing onto the pavement below. He suspects that a mole inside CTU allowed him to avoid the ambush. Dana decides that she needs to leave CTU immediately before the leak is traced back to her.


Picture Name Scenes
8x17prev01 President Allison Taylor
8x17prev02 CTU New York
8x17prev03 President Omar Hassan
8x17prev04 Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer attempts to rescue President Hassan, but arrives too late. He holds Omar's lifeless body.


Picture Name Scenes
9 a.m-10 a.m (frame 546) Dalia Hassan
9 a.m-10 a.m (frame 982) Mikhail Novakovich
9 a.m-10 a.m (frame 1359) President Allison Taylor
9 a.m-10 a.m (frame 1902) Dana Walsh
9 a.m-10 a.m (frame 2730) Jack Bauer
  • At Jack Bauer's apartment, Renee is shot by Tokarev from a cross the street. Jack rushes her to the hospital, then learns from Chloe O'Brian about Renee's suspicions regarding Samir's assassination. Just then, he learns that the doctors were unable to save Renee's life.


Picture Name Scenes
10 a.m-11 a.m (frame 770) President Allison Taylor
10 a.m-11 a.m (frame 1022) President Charles Logan
  • President Charles Logan confesses the truth of the Russian conspiracy to President Taylor, and warns that if Jack Bauer gets this information out of the Russians' mole in CTU, the peace agreement will be over.
10 a.m-11 a.m (frame 1331) Dana Walsh
  • Under interrogation by Jack, Dana Walsh, reveals that she has audio and video files that can bring down the conspiracy and will release them for a pardon.
10 a.m-11 a.m (frame 1964) Jack Bauer


Picture Name Scenes
Taylor8x19recap President Allison Taylor
  • Jack escapes CTU custody and President Allison Taylor is worried that he'll ruin the peace signing. Kanin tells her that the evidence will still be out there, regardless if Jack is found.
Logan8x19recap President Charles Logan
  • President Charles Logan tells Taylor that they need to control the evidence by interrogating Dana Walsh to find out where her evidence against the Russian government is. Kanin, fed up with the corruption, resigns.
Dana8x19recap Dana Walsh
  • Dana is taken away from CTU by Mark Bledsoe and his associates under orders of President Charles Logan and is water boarded for her evidence against the Russian Federation.
Jack8x19recap Jack Bauer
  • Jack is lured to a building by Chloe, only for it to be a double-double-cross. Jack approaches Cole to help him find Dana. Cole agrees and Jack makes it look to the other agents that he abducted Cole as a hostage.


Picture Name Scenes
Jack8x20recap Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer demands Dana Walsh's evidence implicating the Russian government in the day's attacks. Under threat of death, she gives him the bank where she stored it, but pleads that she had nothing to do with Renee's murder.
Logan8x20recap President Charles Logan
Pillar8x20recap Jason Pillar


Picture Name Scenes
Meredith8x21recap Meredith Reed
Jason8x21recap Jason Pillar
Chloe8x21recap Chloe O'Brian
  • Chloe O'Brian asks Cole Ortiz to help her locate Jack Bauer. He suggests that she identify the person providing him with equipment now that CTU has turned against him.
Jack8x21recap Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer gives Reed the video evidence exposing the Russian government's role in President Omar Hassan's murder. Then, he brutally tortures Pavel to learn who ordered the assassination of Renee Walker. Eventually, he discovers that Pavel has swallowed the SIM card for his cell phone, and cuts open his innards to retrieve it. Reinstalling the card, Jack redials the last called number and reaches the voicemail for President Charles Logan.


Picture Name Scenes
Jack8x22recap Jack Bauer
  • Meredith Reed hurries to keep up with Jack Bauer and asks who he's looking for; he replies that he needs someone who can supply the names of the conspirators, and asks her to publish the story in case he doesn't live to fulfill his mission. He recognizes this will destroy the peace treaty.
Allison8x22recap President Allison Taylor
  • Former President Logan urges President Allison Taylor to keep Meredith's story under wraps, as there is more at stake than the treaty.
Chloe8x22recap Chloe O'Brian
Logan8x22recap President Charles Logan
  • Jack dons a bullet-proof mask and uses a machine gun and some tear gas to capture Former President Charles Logan and demand the evidence from him. Under the threat of a five-second death countdown, Logan breaks and betrays Mikhail Novakovich to Jack.
Suvarov8x22recap Russian President Yuri Suvarov
  • Logan, in a medical stretcher from Jack's interrogation, contacts Russian President Yuri Suvarov about Novakovich's murder. Jack bugs the conversation and learns that Suvarov was giving Novakovich his orders and that one of them was Renee's murder.

"3:00pm-4:00pm" Edit

Picture Name Scenes
Chloe8x23recap Chloe O'Brian
  • Cole Ortiz tells Chloe O'Brian about the bug Jack put on Logan, and how Jack seems to want President Suvarov dead because Jack learned Suvarov gave the order for Renee's death. Chloe urges Cole to find the evidence, but Cole thinks it's more important to save Suvarov.
Allison8x23recap President Allison Taylor
  • Dalia Hassan tells President Allison Taylor she will refuse to make peace with the U.S. or with Russia. Taylor says Dalia will sign the treaty, threatening her with military action.
Pillar8x23recap Jason Pillar
  • Jason Pillar, on the manhunt for Bauer, gets captured by Bauer after getting off the phone with CTU New York. After taking Pillar to a garage, Bauer gets him to plead for his life, then knocks him out. Chloe and Cole, meanwhile, catch Jack on a security camera.
Jack8x23recap Jack Bauer
  • Jack Bauer catches Chloe as she walks in to the utility room where Jack is. She claims to care about Jack and to want to save his life, but he puts her out with a sleeper hold.
  • Jack calls Charles Logan and tells him to talk to Suvarov, and tell him his life's in danger.
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