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The Prion Variant Cabal were a group of Private Military contractors who masterminded the development of the prion variant pathogen in order the destabilize the government and attempted to organize a series of attacks throughout the United States in Day 7. They provided support for General Benjamin Juma and Colonel Ike Dubaku in exchange for allowing Starkwood to develop the bio weapon in Sangala. They were also involved in the Sentox Nerve Gas Conspiracy during the events of Day 5, along with Graem Bauer, Charles Logan, Phillip Bauer and Christopher Henderson. They were infiltrated by Tony Almeida during Day 7 in an effort to get revenge on Alan Wilson for the death of Michelle Dessler. There were 12 members of the group and remained anonymous from one another.

Known Members of the group were Alan Wilson, Cara Bowden, Jonas Hodges, O'Neil.

The group was similar to the organization during Day 2, in their stucture and goals.

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