Wiki 24

Jack Bauer decides to go back and find Kate Warner.


Jack hears the radio transmission of one of the deceased guards saying that one of Madsen's men can see Chase and he is planning to take him out. On the other end of the transmission, Peter Madsen tells the guard to kill Chase as long as it does not damage the hard drive. Jack apologizes, and leaves Kate in the room, explaining that he cannot let that hard drive fall into the hands of these men. He promises to her that he will be back.

Jack has 1 minute 40 seconds to get to the top floor and take out the sniper to protect Chase. He has to take out several guards along the way but manages to get out and kill the sniper before Chase is killed.

He then has to use the sniper rifle to take out masses of Madsen's men who try and kill Chase. Several groups of men continue to appear and try to kill Chase who hides behind crates and barrels, and Jack manages to kill them all successfully.

Chase gets in his car and smashes through a gate. He drives away from the compound. However Joseph Sin-Chung saw the whole thing and he, along with a driver, set off after him. Meanwhile at CTU Michelle Dessler receives a phone call. It is Chase and he tells her that he is coming in with the hard drive.

Jack gets back to Kate's room and finds her gone. Peter Madsen has her hostage again and tells her to stop struggling. She begs for him to let her go, but he shoves her in a car. He gets in himself and drives away. Jack runs up just as the car vanishes.


Memorable quotes[]

  • Peter Madsen: Stop fighting me, bitch. I need you, but I'm beginning to wonder how much.
  • Kate Warner: Stop it, please!