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Jack Bauer questions Madsen's ex-wife about Madsen's location.

Summary Edit

The following takes place between 6:00pm and 7:00pm.

Chase Edmunds and Peter Madsen drive along the freeway. Chase asks what is so important about the Synchroniser. Madsen asks if he has ever heard of seismic deformation, and explains that he plans to set off an earthquake.

At Donna Madsen's apartment, Jack tries to wake Donna up. He slaps her a few times until she regains consciousness, upon which she asks who Jack is. He explains, and she tells Jack that Peter is dead, but Jack says that he knows for a fact that is not true. She says she does not know where he is, and stands up, staggering around the room. She tells Jack to leave, but he persists that he needs to find Peter. Donna gets angry and smashes a vase, cutting her arm. Jack tends to the wound as he takes her back into the main room and sits her down. He explains that Madsen staged an attack that killed dozens of innocent people at CTU Los Angeles, and Donna needs to help him before he kills more. She agrees to talk.

After a lengthy interrogation, she says that Del Toro, her drug dealer and an associate of Madsen, might know where he is. She says that they used to trade guns for drugs, and after Madsen left she was stuck with Del Toro and a heroin habit. She tells Jack that he operates out of an abandoned apartment building in downtown Los Angeles. She finally gives Jack a specific location, and he sets off.


Mission targets Edit

  • Questions Used: 17
  • Extreme High or Low Stress: 1
  • Breaking Stage Misses: 1

Background information and notes Edit

  • As in the Interrogating Daniels mission, Jack has to question Donna Madsen using the PlayStation 2 controller buttons to either Aggravate (PSTriangle), Coax (PSSquare), or Calm (PSX). Each time the player hits the middle bar through using a combination of the aforementioned controls, Donna gives a piece of information. When this has happened eight times, Donna begins to break. The player has to press the circle button (PSCircle) to break her.
  • The player has 4 minutes 25 seconds to complete the interrogation.

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