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* '''Kevin Carroll:''' I'm sorry, I thought I could—
* '''Kevin Carroll:''' I thought I could handle him.
* '''Ira Gaines:''' Stop thinking!
* '''Ira Gaines:''' Stop thinking!

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This is a collection of memorable quotes from Day 1 12:00pm-1:00pm.

  • Kevin Carroll: I thought I could handle him.
  • Ira Gaines: Stop thinking!

  • Rick: I can't.
  • Jack Bauer: Shut up. You can and you will.
  • Rick: I'm slowing you down.
  • Jack Bauer: Yes, you are, so you better start speeding up.

  • David Palmer: How can I do the job when my own house isn't in order?

  • Jack Bauer: Son, part of getting a second chance is taking responsibility for the mess you made in the first place. You understand me?

  • Ira Gaines: Bauer's been listening... to every damn word!

  • David Palmer: I'm running for president, Mike. I'm going to win.

  • Ira Gaines: [his last words] Good luck.
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