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R. Rollins was a N.E.S.T. technician active during Day 2.

Rollins was part of a team of N.E.S.T. agents that responded at Norton Airfield to disarm a nuclear bomb planted by the Second Wave terrorists. Rollins and another technician attempted to disarm the device found in the plane piloted by Omar, but during the process Rollins noticed his partner performing a dangerous operation. He tried to stop him, but it then became obvious that the bomb was a decoy. Later, CTU discovered the actual bomb and the N.E.S.T. agents attempted to disarm it, but discovered that the trigger was tamper proof and any attempt to disconnect it would detonate the bomb. The decision was then made to fly the device to the Mojave Desert for safe detonation.

Background information and notes[edit | edit source]

  • This character's name can be seen on his ID tag.

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