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Rae Plachecki worked at the Inspector General's office and investigated potential problems with CTU Los Angeles agents during Day 3.

Day 3 Edit

Plachecki led the questioning of Jack Bauer after it was reported by Ryan Chappelle that he had been using heroin. Once Jack explained that he only used it in order to get undercover with the Salazars, both Plachecki and Chappelle were willing to protect Jack by changing some of details in the report; however, Jack refused.

Kim mentioned her during "Day 3: 9:00am-10:00am," explaining that she had to be debriefed by her with regards to the shooting whilst she was undercover as Jane Saunders.

Once Stephen Saunders was in custody, Tony Almeida was arrested because of his negotiations with Saunders. Plachecki was brought into CTU to question Almeida about the situation.

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