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Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds raid the docks to stop the plutonium shipment.


Jack calls Tony Almeida at CTU and tells him that they are approaching the docks now. Tony says that he will be there shortly. Ryan Chappelle pulls him to one side and tells him that Kate Warner is there, and Tony rebukes him angrily for not telling him, or Jack, sooner. He storms off and Ryan is left looking dismayed.

Jack and Chase find a spot to land and take the chopper down. They get out and arm themselves, preparing for a fight. Taking out several men they begin to sweep the docks and look for Peter Madsen. Jack receives a call and an agent tells him that a CTU TAC team is on its way and their chopper will land in approximately 30 seconds. The team arrives and helps Jack and Chase to take out all of the men in their current vicinity. They go on ahead and a car flies towards them. The team is able to take it out and kill all occupants. By blowing up explosive material in the immediate area the team kills all of Madsen's men, and Jack heads on to take out the leader on his own.