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Ramin Rafizadeh was a supposedly dead man with possible terrorist connections during Veto Power.

Before Veto Power Edit

Jack Bauer interrogated Ibrahim Rafizadeh, the father of Ramin, trying to discover Ramin's location. However, Ryan Chappelle interrupted him and informed him that Ramin was dead. Ibrahim was unaware of this, and it caused great controversy and upset within the family, and almost forced the closure of CTU. Nazila Rafizadeh, Ramin's sister, resented Jack for his actions.

Veto Power Edit

Jack discovered a threat that led back to the family, forcing him to go and warn them. Nazila went to her father's room and found him missing. Jack also noticed a card from Ramin, dating a few months ago; much after he had supposedly died. Nazila said that if Jack saved her father, she would take him to Ramin. Jack managed the task and was taken to Ramin, but soon realised that he had no ties to terrorists.

Live appearancesEdit

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