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Raoul Garros was one of the key players in the LAGO Corporation, an offshoot of Venezuala's state-owned oil company. He was kidnapped during the events of Storm Force. Garros was engaged to Susan Keehan.

Before Storm Force Edit

Garros had a key role as company emissay to the New Orleans business community, and had a close personal friendship with Colonel Martello Paz. Furthermore, it was alleged that Garros had an affair with the exotic dancer Vikki Valence, despite his engagement.

Storm Force Edit

At 12:00pm at the Mega Mart building, Susan Keehan and Garros got dressed after an intimate morning. Susan was informed of the CTU agents downstairs (Jack Bauer and Pete Malo) wanting to talk to Garros. She was irked by their presence, and, being unaware of his underworldish connections, saw no problem in him leaving through a back exit so as to avoid having to waste time talking to them.

When she learnt of the possible attack on Garros, she tried to call him but he did not answer his cell. Jack and Malo arrived at the parking garage of the complex and found Garros' car still in its spot, with two CTU agents and a gatekeeper brutally killed. Jack and Malo concluded that Garros had been abducted by Hector Beltran's men.

Garros called Susan while in a meeting with her advisors, but he was shortly cut off by a man whose voice was filtered through a machine so as to avoid detection. He claimed to have Garros captive, and offered to exchange him for one million dollars. Susan accepted and the man terminated the call. The exchange took place across a bridge at Sad Hill. Mylon Sears gave the money to a masked man, who passed Garros over. After the exchange the hostiles blew up the bridge to stop Susan and her men from following them.

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