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This article covers characters and concepts from the Indian adaptation of 24.

Rasheed was a mercenary working for Raja Talapathi during Day 1.

When Raja Talapathi returned to the Laxmi warehouse at Mazagon Dock with Veer Singh Rathod and Ravindran, he ordered Raghavan to gather the men and bring out the ambulance. Rasheed helped Raghavan to prepare the ambulance, and Raja and his men entered the vehicle and drove away to receive Bala Ravindran. ("9:00pm-10:00pm")

Roughly one hour later, Veer managed to escape from his guards, and Rasheed gave chase, however they could not locate the missing boy. Rasheed was then standing guard outside when Ravindran was making his escape, and he told Rasheed to be alert for Raja. However, Jai Singh Rathod then crashed his car into Ravindran's, and Rasheed came running over. Jai then shot him dead. ("10:00pm-11:00pm", "11:00pm-12:00am")

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