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Rashid Al-Sabi (born April 7, 1983) was a jihadi soldier in Ibrahim Bin-Khalid's organization during Day 10.

On the morning of Day 10, Rashid was at the house of one of the Army Rangers who raided Bin-Khalid's compound. After killing his family, he brutally tortured that Ranger for a location of the strongbox they were looking for. After when the Ranger refused to cooperate, Rashid shot him dead. He called his brother Malik that they got nothing from that ranger. Malik directed Rashid to Eric Carter's house while he went after the family of Ben Grimes. Once Rashid and his men arrived, they captured Carter, but couldn't find his wife Nicole.

Rashid and one of his subordinates tortured Carter for information of the strongbox, which Carter denies any knowledge of. As Rashid was about to pour bleach in his eyes, they heard a sound outside when Nicole dropped the mirror outside. He sent his second henchman to go investigate outside while having the soldier with him patrol inside. Carter headbutts Rashid behind to the China cabinet. As Carter freed himself, he fought Rashid for the gun, but Carter managed to shoot him in the head, killing him. ("Day 10: 12:00pm-1:00pm")

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