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You may be looking for Ravi Kapoor.

Ravi was a terrorist loyal to Habib Marwan during Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

Ravi and his accomplice met up with Navi Araz at about 1:28pm, when Navi needed help finding his son Behrooz Araz. The accomplice drove both Ravi and Navi on a road parallel to Dina, Navi's wife, who planned to draw out Behrooz so he could be captured. Dina betrayed her husband to protect Behrooz, however, and the driver was unable to pursue because a bus obstructed their path. Later at about 2:09, the two were with Navi and the terrorist ringleader Habib Marwan in their restaurant. Navi ordered the driver to go with Ravi to continue searching, and both men left the restaurant to find her.

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