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Ray Wallace was the husband of Jillian Wallace, father of Scott Wallace, and neighbor of Yusuf and Ahmed Amar in the Los Angeles suburb of Granada Hills.

Day 6[]

At the beginning of Day 6, Yusuf was arrested at his home by the FBI on suspicion of terrorism. Ray and his family watched from their window as Yusaf was removed from his home and two neighbors began to harass Yusuf's son, Ahmed. Ray prevented the neighbors from hurting Ahmed, and asked Ahmed to stay at his family's home until the neighbors calmed down.

Later that morning, Ahmed returned to his home to retrieve a package. While in his home, he was attacked by Stan Miller, one of the neighbors who harassed him earlier that day. Ahmed shot and killed Stan, but not before being severely wounded by a piece of sharp glass.

Ahmed then took Ray and his family hostage and demanded that Ray deliver payment for a trigger for a suitcase nuke since Ahmed could no longer do so himself.


Ray kills Marcus

Upon arriving at the shop, Marcus, the shopkeeper, informed him that $50,000 was not enough for the trigger and that he needed twice that amount. Ray called Ahmed asking what to do, and Ahmed told him he needed to do anything possible to get the trigger. Ray saw no other way to get the device so he hit the shopkeeper in the head with a lamp. A brief struggle ensued, but Ray eventually killed Marcus and took the trigger.

Ahmed then told Ray to deliver the trigger to terrorist leader Abu Fayed in Valencia. In return, Ahmed released Jillian. Ray delivered the trigger, but was held by Fayed's men while it was installed. Between 9:55 and 9:58AM, a CTU strike team attempted to intercept Fayed and his men at their warehouse in Valencia. During the battle, Hasan Numair, a terrorist and nuclear engineer working with Fayed, detonated the nuclear device, killing everyone in the warehouse, including Ray, as well as approximately 12,000 people in the immediate area.

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