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Raymond Herbert Wise (born August 20, 1947; age 72) played Vice President Hal Gardner during Season 5 of 24.

Biography and career Edit

Wise is an American TV and movie actor, with a career spanning the late 60s to present day. He has appeared in many productions, including Charlie's Angels, Swamp Thing, Days of Our Lives, Knots Landing, Resurrection Blvd., and Good Night, and Good Luck.

Wise appeared in Knots Landing with 24 costar William Devane, and he appeared in Good Night, and Good Luck with Glenn Morshower. He was also in the film Robocop with Peter Weller, Paul McCrane, Jesse D. Goins, Kurtwood Smith, and Edward Edwards.

Wise is best known for playing Leland Palmer, the unhinged father of the late Laura Palmer, in David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks (1990-1991), also starring Matt Battaglia, Chris Mulkey, and Kathleen Wilhoite. He also starred in the co-leading role in the prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992), alongside Kiefer Sutherland, James Parks, Jurgen Prochnow, and Victor Rivers. In 2016, it was confirmed that Wise would reprise the role on Showtime's Twin Peaks revival, also featuring Battaglia, John Billingsley, Brent Briscoe, Bailey Chase, Rob Mars, James Morrison, Erik Rondell, and Elena Satine.

Gardner was not Wise's first presidential role - he also played U.S President Michael Dugan in Electronic Arts' real-time strategy game Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, and the expansion, Yuri's Revenge.

He recently voiced Commissioner James Gordon in Batman: The Killing Joke (with Maury Sterling).

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • Beast Mode (2019)
  • God's Not Dead 2 (2016)
  • Lionhead (2013)
  • Iodine (2009)
  • The Flock (2007)
  • Sharkskin 6 (2005)
  • Jeepers Creepers II (2003)
  • Closing the Deal (2000)
  • Powder (1995)
  • Rising Sun (1993)
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)
  • Season of Fear (1989)
  • RoboCop (1987)

Television appearances

  • Fresh Off the Boat (2015-2019)
  • Twin Peaks (2017)
  • Fargo (2017)
  • Agent Carter (2015-2016)
  • Mad Men (2010-2015)
  • How I Met Your Mother (2011-2014)
  • Psych (2009-2010, 2014)
  • NCIS (2012)
  • Drop Dead Diva (2009)
  • Reaper (2007-2009)
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2007)
  • Dawson's Creek (2003)
  • Resurrection Blvd. (2000-2001)
  • Savannah (1996-1997)
  • Second Chances (1993-1994)
  • Swamp Thing (1992)
  • Twin Peaks (1990-1991)
  • Stingray (1986)
  • Dallas (1982)

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