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Raymond O'Hara was a mercenary working beneath Ronnie Stark for Peter Kingsley during Day 2. He was hired to retrieve the evidence that proved the Cyprus recording was false.

Day 2[]

Raymond O'Hara and subordinates, Trask, and Davis, were driven by Ronnie Stark and another driver to an emergency clinic in Los Angeles. They were tracking a signal which was emitting from a computer chip carried by Jonathan Wallace, and intended to collect the evidence for Peter Kingsley. Jack Bauer discovered the chip in Wallace's abdomen, and Yusuf Auda removed the tracker from it. When Yusuf and Kate Warner fled with the evidence, Jack led O'Hara and the two men on a wild goose chase with the tracker.

O'Hara assisted in the interrogation of Jack in the clinic basement after he was captured. Ronnie Stark tortured Jack too extremely and accidentally stopped his heart. As Davis kidnapped Dr. Spire who helped resuscitate Jack, O'Hara spoke with their employer Kingsley on a cell phone. Because of Stark's error, O'Hara was promoted by Kingsley; he killed Stark and took over with the interrogation.


O'Hara reveals his employer

Once in charge, Raymond used Beroglide to torture Jack. Dr. Spire assisted Jack in loosening his bonds, and then stabbed O'Hara in the back with a lethal dose of the Beroglide. Jack took Raymond's pistol, killed Davis and Trask, and then gave O'Hara a quick death after he revealed the name of his employer.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Ronnie Stark: What'd Kingsley say?
  • Raymond O'Hara: (smiles) He said I just got promoted. (shoots Ronnie point-blank) ("Day 2: 3:00am-4:00am")

Background information and notes[]

  • One of the Season 2 deleted scenes is a rejected alternate introduction scene for O'Hara, Trask, and Davis. In the scene, they are confronted by an unnamed hospital security guard whom O'Hara murders, and the three mercenaries dump the man's body partially underneath a vehicle.

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