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Deputy Raynes was a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department officer on duty during Day 2.

Day 2 Edit

Deputy Raynes was of the police officers who responded to Ramon Garcia's invasion of the convenience store run by Frank Davies. He often attempted to reason with Garcia using the megaphone and the ground line throughout the hour. Raynes arranged for the transportation of Garcia's pregnant wife, Lucia Garcia, to Monterey in exchange for hostage Kim Bauer. Ramon did not release Kim and only became increasingly irrational.

Kim escaped on her own. When Deputy Nirman asked if they should hold positions, Raynes refused and sent them in since Kim Bauer was safe and they had other emergency calls to respond to. Garcia was seen later being wheeled out past Kim and Raynes on a stretcher with gunshot wounds. Raynes claimed that Garcia would live.

Kim came forward to Raynes with the truth that the gun was originally hers, not Garcia's, that she escaped from the police earlier, and that she was a suspect in a murder case. After he arrested her, he learned from Kim that her father was the pilot of the plane containing the nuclear weapon.

At the sheriff's station in Santa Clarita, Sgt. Bob Amis took over with Kim and told Raynes to fill out the report.

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