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Reading 24: TV Against the Clock is a reference book featuring critical views of 24.


Reading 24 is the first book to bring together critical discussions of the series from many different perspectives. It covers everything from the show's unconventional format to discussions of globalism, oil, the politics of torture, and gender, and includes an episode guide.

Table of ContentsEdit

  • Part One: Splitting the Screen: Rewriting Television Conventions
  • 24 and Twenty-First Century Quality Television--Scott Ruston & Daniel Chamberlain
  • 24 and New Directions in Televisuality--Steven Peacock
  • Multi-Panelled Narrative in 24--Michael Allen
  • Reasons to Split Up--Interactivity, Realism and the Multiple Screen Image in 24--Deborah Jermyn
  • Interesting Times: The Demands 24's Real-Time Format Makes on its Audience-- Jackie Furby
  • Part Two: America under Siege: Terrorism, Globalisation and the Politics of (American) Morality
  • "So what are you saying An oil consortium's behind the nuke?"24, Programme Sponsorship, SUVs, and the "War on Terror"--Paul Woolf
  • Days and Hours of the Apocalypse: 24 and the Nuclear Narrative--Daniel Herbert
  • 24 after 9/11: The American State of Exception-- Samuel A. Chambers & Anne Caldwell
  • Just-in-time Security: Permanent Exceptions and Neoliberal Orders--Torin Monahan
  • "Tell me where the bomb is or I will kill your son": Situational Morality on 24--Sharon Sutherland & Sarah Swan
  • "You're going to tell me everything you know": Torture and Morality in Fox's 24--Douglas L. Howard
  • Part Three: Unmasking Identities: Sexuality, Difference, Culture
  • Damsels in Distress: Female Narrative Authority and Knowledge in 24--Janet McCabe
  • Gender and Genre in the Action-Soap 24--Joke Hermes
  • Techno-Soap: 24, Masculinity and Hybrid Forms--Tara McPherson
  • "She May Be a Little Weird": Chloe O'Brian--Paul Delaney
  • 24 and Postnational American Identities--Christopher Gair

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