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Michelle Dessler reboots CTU's mainframe after the attack.


Jack Bauer arrives back at CTU and approaches Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler. Tony tells him that he still has men searching for Madsen but it does not look good. Jack gets angry, but Tony reminds him that an EMP went off not long ago, and they are not even sure what clusters are operational. Jack yells at Michelle to tell him how long until things will be up and running again. She says that it will take seven or eight minutes. Jack storms out of the room. Tony turns to her and tells her to do what she can.

Michelle performs a CTU reboot, a 3 stage process. It must be completed in 7 minutes 30 seconds.

  • Stage 1: The CTU mainframe harddrive must be repaired. This is performed through a data retrieval system, which will scan the harddrive then ask Michelle to enter specific keys to repair the files.
  • Stage 2: Security passwords must be entered. The first password is 3720092. The second is 8915568.
  • Stage 3: Establish network connections to the outside world. This requires a network scan to be performed, establishing a stable network route from the CTU terminal to the outside world. Michelle has to connect a series of nodes to find a connection with the internet, and avoid bad nodes that lead to nowhere and damage the system.

Michelle informs Tony that the process is complete. He asks if they are up to full capacity, but Michelle says that there was too much damage. She looks for Madsen, and finds a breach in the north-east corridor. While they continue to look at the systems, Jack receives a phone call. He answers, and Kim responds. Before she can say anything else Madsen takes the phone back. He says that if he wants Kim back, he will have to help him decrypt the hard drive. He says that the only places in the city that can do this are CTU and the agency in Los Angeles and, knowing that CTU is not running at full capacity, opts for the latter. He tells Jack to meet him there soon, and to hurry. Jack realizes that, once again, he will have to work against CTU to help his family.


Mission targets[]

  • Time: 04:00
  • Bad Nodes Found: 0
  • Incorrect Data Matches: 0

Memorable quotes[]

  • Peter Madsen: And Jack... the clock is ticking.