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Sergei Bazhaev was a high-ranking member of Red Square in the United States

Red Square was a Russian crime syndicate with its members comprised mostly of former Soviet Military and KGB personnel. Renee Walker, while undercover with another crime group for a period of two years approximately six years before Day 8, had heard rumors of Red Square's existence. Besides the rumors and a scant amount of evidence, she was unable to prove that the group was real. The leader of the group was Sergei Bazhaev, whose sons Josef and Oleg were also active members.

Before Day 8[]

The syndicate's boss, Sergei Bazhaev, was in contact with a Russian spy inside the United States (Dana Walsh) who arranged a conspiracy between his organization and the Kamistan splinter cell. Bazhaev knew there were individuals in Moscow behind the plot, but he was only in contact with the intermediary Walsh.

Day 8[]

Three of the vory v zakone (high-ranking elite) of Red Square — Davros, a sniper and a spotter — working for Bazhaev were hired by Farhad Hassan to assassinate Omar Hassan, the president of Kamistan. The effort failed, and the corpses of three of the Red Square men had tattoos which helped Renee Walker identify the group at CTU New York.

Though Red Square's initial plot failed, Sergei Bazhaev and Farhad Hassan still maintained their deal exchange money for uranium rods. After Jack Bauer allowed himself to be captured by Bazhaev's man Dimitri, he eventually escaped and gunned down most of the gangsters. At a federal court hearing and following the deaths of both his sons, Bazhaev admitted that Red Square as an organization had ceased to exist on account of Bauer's actions.


Sergei Bazhaev - boss of the syndicate

Background information and notes[]

  • The name of this criminal organization, Red Square, refers to the most famous square in Moscow, the Red Square, which is close to the Kremlin, the residence of the President of Russia.