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This article lists all the real-life shooting locations for 24: Redemption. A scene shot "on location" refers to any filming that took place outside of the main studio set section of the production headquarters building at 21050 Lassen Street in Chatsworth. Studio set locations are listed at the bottom of the page.

This special was filmed mainly in and around Cape Town in South Africa, with the scenes set in Washington, D.C. being filmed in Los Angeles.

Redemption Edit

Sangala township Edit

7x00 Sangala skyline

Looking south past the KTC, Gugulethu Cemetery in distance

The opening shots of Sangala and the rebel child abductor's truck driving through the streets were shot at the KTC township in Nyanga, Cape Town.

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Rebel camp Edit

7x00 rebel camp

Looking north over the quarry

The rebel camp that Iké Dubaku runs was shot at an abandoned quarry, formerly belonging to the Lafarge aggregate company, that is located north of Durbanville in the Western Cape, just off Malanshoogte Road.

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Okavango School Edit

7x00 school location

Tollhuis, with Hottentots Holland Mountains in background

The scenes at the Okavango School were filmed at the Tollhuis in the Casa Maris Eco Estate at the foot of the Hottentots Holland Mountains, near to Sir Lowry's Pass Village in Western Cape. The Tollhuis is an old 17th Century Toll House that travelers would stop at before attempting the mountain pass. It has been converted into a museum more recently.

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Nichols' office Edit

7x00 Nichols office interior

LA Times building interior

7x00 Nichols office parking

Stanley Mosk Courthouse and DWP building in background, with Capitol digitally added

The interior and parking lot of Nichols' financial office was shot at the LA Times building at 202 West 1st Street in Downtown Los Angeles. The Capitol building was digitally added to the background in the shot of Chris Whitley getting into his car.

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Football field Edit

7x00 football field

Sir Lowry's Pass village

The field where Desmond, James and the other boys play football before being kidnapped was shot at a football field just next to the rugby club in Sir Lowry's Pass village, Western Cape, next to Knorhoek Road.

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US Capitol Edit

7x00 capitol

Munger Research Center with Capitol digitally added

The scenes at the front of the United States Capitol building were shot at the Munger Research Center at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, with the Capitol dome digitally added behind the building.

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Roger Taylor's house Edit

Roger Taylor house

Inside the front door

The scenes at Roger Taylor's house were shot at 2726 Visscher Place in Altadena.

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US Embassy Edit

7x00 embassy

Van der Sterr building and ramp

The scenes at the US Embassy were filmed at the Van der Sterr building, the headquarters of the National Geo-spatial Information department at 20 Rhodes Drive in Mowbray, Cape Town.

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Whitley's loft Edit

7x00 Whitley loft

Millennium Biltmore Hotel visible out the window

Chris Whitley's apartment was filmed in apartment number 1204 of the SB Grand Lofts at 312 West 5th Street in Downtown Los Angeles. The apartment faces northwest, and Pershing Square and the Millennium Biltmore are visible out of the window.

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Street Edit

7x00 street

Looking south at the intersection with Greef Street

The street where Jack Bauer calms Willie, and then engages in a gunfight, is Junction Road in the Salt River area of Cape Town. Jack and the children are travelling south down the road.

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Inauguration Edit

7x00 Capitol west face

Pierce College stadium

The west face of the Capitol, where Allison Taylor is inaugurated, was a set built on the bleachers of the Brahma football stadium at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. In the wider shots, the west face of the Capitol has been digitally added.

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Studio sets Edit

The production studio for the Los Angeles unit of this special was the regular studio from the last three seasons, located at 21050 Lassen Street in Chatsworth. The White House set was re-used from Season 6. Production stayed at this location until Season 8.

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White House set Edit

The White House set, last seen in Season 6, was used again in Redemption. The Oval Office, the teleconference room, and several corridors, were all seen in the episode.

Matobo's office Edit

Ule Matobo's office in Sangala was built on set, for when he teleconferences with Noah Daniels. It consisted of a backing made up of a several cabinets.

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