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Reed was a character deleted from the scenes of Season 5.

Season 5 deleted scenes Edit

Schaeffer and Ivan Erwich drive up to a US Customs and Border Patrol check point with the Sentox nerve gas in the back of their truck. Reed, the port officer, comes over to check their cargo manifest. Schaeffer gives it to him, and deflects one of Reed's questions about the cargo. Reed doesn't go into the back of the truck, but tells them they must drive through an x-ray scanner. As they comply, Erwich radios Andrei, who is in the back of the truck with another terrorist. Andrei activates a device which emits a signal to Reed's computer, showing images of medical containers that don't exist, which deceives him. Reed then let them through, as Andrei smiles.

The scene was deleted for time constraints. The name "Reed" is visible on the character's name tag.

Deleted appearancesEdit

* — Deleted scenes only
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