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A Regional Division Director was a supervisor sent from Division to oversee a CTU Domestic Unit, with authority over the CTU Director, and subordinate to District and the White House.

Regional Division Directors of CTU Los Angeles Edit

Below is a list of Regional Division Directors of CTU Los Angeles.

Picture Name Days as Director Status
GeorgeMason George Mason Day 1 Deceased
George Mason was the Regional Division Director before and during Day 1. Mason was demoted from Division Director to Director of CTU Los Angeles due to him going against Ryan Chappelle's orders and trading Jack Bauer for Alexis Drazen in Day 1. He was replaced by Ryan Chappelle after Day 1.
3x18 Chappelle Ryan Chappelle Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Deceased
Ryan Chappelle was the Regional Division Director during Days 1 through 3. He came to CTU to interrogate Jack Bauer but was interrupted by Senator David Palmer who wanted Jack reinstated to his previous position. Chappelle eventually agreed to reinstate Jack on a provisional basis. During Day 2, he came to CTU to help with the Cyprus recording and was causing trouble for Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler who eventually ended up drugging him. However, he agreed to drop charges against them in exchange for them getting him in contact with Jack Bauer. Later he decided to hire Tony Almeida as the Director of CTU Los Angeles. In Day 3, he came to CTU to help locate a virus but was killed by Jack Bauer by the order of President David Palmer and was eventually replaced by Bill Buchanan.
3x14 Hammond Brad Hammond Day 2, Day 3 Alive
Sent agents to CTU when he became suspicious of Ryan Chappelle's disappearance (which was a result of Tony Almeida's plan). Took over CTU as Regional Director following Chappelle's death in Day 3.
Bill Day 6 Bill Buchanan Day 4 Deceased
Arrived at CTU to organize the exchange between Behrooz Araz and Jack Bauer. When Michelle Dessler quit, he took command as CTU Director.
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