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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Captain Reiss was in charge of a Delta Force unit assembled in Mexico by CTU for the purpose of seizing the Cordilla virus.

Day 3[]


Capt. Reiss speaks with Chase

Captain Reiss arrived on the helicopter that picked up Chase Edmunds, Sergio and Oriol after their truck broke down. Reiss told Edmunds he planned on sending him back to CTU Los Angeles, but Edmunds refused and offered to assist further. Reiss turned him down on account of the wound in Chase's hand.

Later, Edmunds volunteered for the forward covert observation position near the mine, and was able to convince Capt. Reiss into giving him the job.

Shortly before 1:00am, Reiss and the Delta-3 team attempted to apprehend Michael Amador. Amador was prepared for this, and a number of machine-gunners which he had hidden in the hills shot down Reiss and the rest of the soldiers.

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