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Gaines' contact list

A remote network device was a device used to connect to a network remotely from any location. The mercenary Ira Gaines had a network of operatives using remote devices on Day 1, including the mole Jamey Farrell inside CTU.

After Nina Myers was extracted from CTU and supposedly killed by Jack Bauer, Gaines contacted Jamey Farrell using the remote service linked to her computer. She hid in the bathroom and sent messages using a remote PDA. Nina was safely brought back into CTU with help from Tony Almeida, and Jamey tried to message Gaines in the bathroom, but Tony and Nina caught her and trapped her in the ITS room.

The network on Gaines's computer listed all his operatives that were remotely connected to the network, along with their IP addresses and their status:

Background information and notes[]

  • None of the IP addresses on the network are valid, as an IP address needs all 4 of its octet numbers to be between 0 and 255.