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The Republic Commerce Bank was an abandoned facility located at 9621 East Broadway (near the Williamsburg Bridge) in New York City.

Before Day 8 Edit

The bank closed down around one year before Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Samir Mehran used the bank as his hideout where he planned to execute Kayla Hassan in front of a live video feed to her father, Omar Hassan, unless he handed over File 33. Kayla managed to escape, but it transpired that it was all part of Samir's plan, who never expected Hassan to hand over File 33 and never planned to kill Kayla. CTU managed to find the location and Jack and Cole went there but found the place empty. Chloe identified Tarin Faroush as a hostile leaving the building with Samir, which conflicted with Kayla's story that Tarin had been killed. Jack realized that it was all part of Samir's plan but it was too late, and Kayla arrived at CTU unwittingly carrying an electromagnetic pulse bomb which destroyed all electrical devices at CTU.

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