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Rich King is a stunt performer who doubled for Carlos Bernard in Season 7 of 24.

Biography and career Edit

King's credits include various hit movies and shows such as numerous Power Rangers spin-offs (with Erik Betts and Sophia Crawford), Heroes, Transformers (with Michael Hilow), Tropic Thunder, You Don't Mess with the Zohan (with David Kilde), Chuck (with Arnold Chon), The Expendables (with Henry Kingi, Sr., Henry Kingi, Jr., Edward Fernandez, Sala Baker, Kevin Beard and Jalil Jay Lynch), NCIS: Los Angeles (with Fernandez again), Battleship (with Darin Fujimori), The Hunger Games, Fast Five, Underworld: Awakening (with J.J. Perry), Red Dawn (with Ron Yuan, Tsuyoshi Abe and Will Leong) and 300: Rise of an Empire (with Abe again).

Role on 24 Edit

King doubled for Carlos Bernard during Season 7 of 24. He performed the escape sequence in the third episode of the season where Bernard's character Tony Almeida jumps from a ledge on the FBI building onto a parked van in the parking lot below while escaping with Jack Bauer and trying to meet up in Bill Buchanan's getaway vehicle.

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