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Agent Taylor defuses the bomb.

Summary Edit

A bomb disposal expert comes aboard and sees the bomb. Bauer asks if the expert can defuse it and he says yes. He tells Jack to leave the premises, and he complies. On his exit, he informs CTU that the team is beginning the disabling process. After a few minutes, the Ricin bomb is defused. Jack tells the Alpha team to send in a HAZMAT team. They comply, then inform him that there are no shipment containers in their locations, just empty gun boxes.

In Washington DC, Chase Edmunds - working undercover in a Decommissioned military bunker where a terrorist cell is headed by Carr - calls Chloe O'Brian. He says that whatever Carr is working on must be big. He goes to meet Carr. Chase tells Carr that if he keeps making him do menial tasks, he'll leave. Carr decides to tell him of a plan to assassinate Vice-President Jim Prescott by Ricky Roberts.


Mission targets Edit

  • Time: 00:45
  • Connections used: 9

Background information and notes Edit

  • To complete this mission, the player needs to press one of the four PlayStation 2 controller buttons in correspondence with the position and colour of the lines shown on screen. They have to follow the lines to the end, golden box to defuse the bomb. There are three stages, and so three golden boxes have to be reached.
  • The video interview bonus that comes with this mission shows Michelle Dessler actress Reiko Aylesworth talk about the storyline of The Game, the similarities between her and her character, and what it is like to see herself in The Game.

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