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Rick was a swimming pool service technician, who worked the whole of the San Fernando Valley. ("Day 2: 3:00pm-4:00pm")

Day 2 Edit

Rick was driving down Sarah Street, on his way to Ventura Boulevard, when he noticed a van by the side of the road with a burst tire. Marko Khatami, Basheer and Omar were struggling with a car jack when Rick pulled up to help. He replaced their tire with a spare, telling them to go easy as there was not much tread left on it. He told them to follow him to Ventura, as there was a tire store there, but Basheer told him they would be fine.


Rick hands over his card.

As he left, Basheer offered him money, but he refused it, instead handing over his business card and telling them to advertise his services. Rick did not know that the van contained a nuclear weapon, though his kindness (combined with Marko seeing young kids playing on the street that he would not have seen hadn't he stopped) helped inspire Marko to mutiny and shoot Basheer in order to stop the bomb being detonated. ("3:00pm-4:00pm")

Background information and notes Edit

  • The first two digits of Ricks phone number were 23, and the last three were 535.

Live appearancesEdit

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