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You may be looking for the actor Rick Garcia.

Rick Garcia was a news reporter who worked for various news networks which aired in Los Angeles.

Day 1[]


Senator Palmer's polls are improving

Rick was a field reporter for FOX News. Reporting live from the Santa Clarita Power Plant, he summarized the upcoming meeting there between Senator David Palmer and local labor leaders. Behind him, Jonathan Matijevich penetrated the security, disguised as Martin Belkin.

Rick also made a report that aired on CNB about breaking news concerning Senator Palmer. After 7pm, he reported that, according some instant polling, a larger portion of voters preferred the Senator's honesty in handing his financiers' coverup of Lyle Gibson's death and his son's involvement. The news came as a relief to Palmer and Mike Novick.

Day 3[]


Rick reporting live from the hotel

Rick was on the air live for FOX News at 7:07pm reporting on David Palmer leaving the Presidential debate soon before. He was later reporting for KRLH at 7:32am near the Chandler Plaza Hotel, where he reported what little information he could get at the scene concerning a deadly outbreak. His broadcast was seen by William Cole, who was at an urgent care facility with a very bloody nose. Cole realized he was infected, and quickly notified a nurse about his condition.

Day 4[]


Air Force One has been shot down

Rick was a news reader for CNB during Day 4. At 1:38am, he reported that Air Force One had crashed in the Mojave Desert, and that President John Keeler was in critical condition at an undisclosed military hospital. Former President David Palmer watched this report when a Secret Service agent, Adam, handed him a secure call from Mike Novick. Novick extended a request from Charles Logan that Palmer enter the Presidential Emergency Operations Center and direct the recovery of a nuclear warhead stolen by terrorists working for Habib Marwan. Palmer had only been aware of the facts from a brief received three hours prior, and those things revealed in the news. The media had not received word concerning the stolen nuclear warhead

Day 5[]


The President will address the nation

At roughly 11:16pm, civilians Carl and Rose Mossman watched Rick's CNB news report about the "successful resolution" of the day's terrorist attacks. Garcia stated that President Charles Logan was preparing to address the nation. One of the scrolling headlines beneath him regarded the continuing martial law in Los Angeles. As the Mossmans watched, their house was infiltrated by Jack Bauer and Wayne Palmer.

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