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Ricky worked at an Arizona gas station and garage where CTU Agents Jack Bauer, Moira O'Neal, and Solof escaped in a Jeep.

One Shot[]

After driving the Jeep straight into the garage where Ricky worked, Bauer showed Ricky his badge and asked to use the phone. Ricky cooperated, but the IRA terrorist Tim McGinnis quickly caught up to Bauer and O'Neal, and his accomplice Megan destroyed the garage with a rocket launcher.

Warned by Agent Solof, Ricky, O'Neal, and Bauer escaped the blast. O'Neal and Bauer made their way down a hill and attempted to steal a motorcycle belonging to Ricky. They were stopped by a man with a shotgun, who offered to sell them the bike for $500. Bauer handed him an I.O.U. for the money, billable to George Mason, CTU Los Angeles.

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