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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

Ricky Gervais observes the meeting with the Ambassador

The Ricky Gervais cameo is a special feature found on the Season Six DVD.

Ricky Gervais cameo[]

The scene is set during "Day 6: 9:00am-10:00am" when the Ambassador meets with President Wayne Palmer, Tom Lennox and Karen Hayes. The Ambassador enters and is greeted by the President. Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon watch him enter, and observe the rest of the meeting. The four talk about arranging a possible peace agreement with Hamri Al-Assad, which the Ambassador feels would be a good step towards renouncing terrorism.

Meanwhile, an aide hands Gervais a bookend, and he acts oddly as the officials converse. He points out the genitals of an elephant statue to Fallon, before comparing them to his own. Toward the end of the meeting, he says the word "penis" aloud, and a scene of Palmer glancing to the side is juxtaposed as if he is reacting to what Gervais said. Once the Ambassador leaves, Gervais repeatedly prompts the group to call Jack Bauer, but is ignored. Slowly Palmer, Lennox, and Hayes begin to hear Gervais' words, and finally the President says "Well fuck me, call him, I don't know..." Gervais adds - "Tell him it was my suggestion though!" The scene then cuts, displaying the time: 7:20:26.

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