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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Rino Nakanashi was a member of Edoga Kanashiro's arms dealing gang.

Nakanashi met with Kanashiro early in the morning to give him updates about their current arms shipments that they stole from Grisha Zherdev and his men. While talking about possible buyers, Nakanashi also updated Kanashiro that Fumoto and Higashi hadn't reported in for nearly two hours. He also reported that Jack Bauer and Amorah Banovich had interrogated and murdered an undercover JSDF agent, leaving his corpse inside of an abandoned warehouse. He later found out that Fumoto and Higashi had died and reported the information to Kanashiro as well.

Later on, after a group of Samuel Yeager's men ambushed one of Kanashiro's safehouses, Nakanashi reported how many men they lost and the supply of drugs and arms that had been stolen and that Miroji Jimura was attacking their organization. Hours later, Nakanashi had to deliver more bad news to Kanashiro after another one of their warehouses was raided by JSDF and NCIS forces. After learning that Jimura planned on attacking the Americans with stolen missiles, Nakanashi suggested that Kanashiro go into hiding until the chaos subsided. Kanashiro disagreed, and instead told Nakanashi that he intended on attacking and killing Jimura before the Americans could get to him or any of his other businesses.

Later that day, Kanashiro's men attacked Jimura's forces, where Nakanashi was either killed or taken into custody by JSDF and NCIS field agents. (Trial by Fire)

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