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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Rita Brady was the girlfriend of Darren McCarthy during Day 6.

Day 6[]

Following the detonation of a nuclear bomb in Valencia, Rita waited to be picked up by McCarthy on a street corner, as the two were going to Las Vegas to escape any danger posed by radioactive fallout.

Unknown to Rita, however, McCarthy was in league with Abu Fayed, the mastermind behind the detonation, and he had no intention of going to Las Vegas. Darren told her that there was a lot of money involved with whatever he was doing, and told her to stop talking.

She continued to bicker with Darren, until he found a suitable replacement for Hasan Numair; Morris O'Brian. Morris was given misleading information that his brother was injured in the nuclear blast and present in a nearby hospital. While Morris was driving there, Rita helped Darren kidnap him.

Morris later explained everything about what Darren was doing, which prompted Rita to shoot and kill Darren after she learned Fayed's address. Morris was relieved, believing she would return him to CTU, until he found out that she was still going to take him to Abu Fayed and keep the money all to herself.

After delivering Morris to Fayed in an apartment at 4332 Florence Avenue, she began to have doubts after watching Fayed torture him. Rita finally wanted out, even allowing Fayed to keep the 7 million. In response, Fayed shot and killed her because he deemed her a security risk.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Rita: I just want to get out of the city, and get to Vegas.
  • Darren McCarthy: We're not going to Vegas.
  • Rita: Oh, no, I'm not going to Palm Springs. No, no, if that's right you can just drop me off right here, that place is like assisted living for an entire city.

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