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This article's subject relates to Season 7 of 24.

The Ritter Building was an office building located at 546 Adams in Washington, D.C. The building was constructed two years before Day 7 and was four stories high. It served as Iké Dubaku's base of operations during Day 7. There was also a law firm, Roane and Associates, on the third floor.

Day 7[edit | edit source]

Emerson and Dubaku meet at Dubaku's hideout.

Colonel Iké Dubaku and Nichols had their base of operations established in the third floor of this office building. Early in the morning, Nichols brought Michael Latham and handed him over to Dubaku who imprisoned him in a room. Dubaku oversaw the attacks of the morning from this building, including the plane crash over Washington and the attempt on Kidron, Ohio.

After Nichols delivered Ule Matobo and his wife to Dubaku, Chloe O'Brian managed to track them to the building. Then Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida, Bill Buchanan, and Renee Walker planned to infiltrate the building. Walker entered through the front door using her FBI identification, while Jack, Tony, and Buchanan went through the roof. Meanwhile, Chloe coordinated from the van telling them where Dubaku was located.

20 minutes after they came in, Nichols noticed the surveillance cameras at the roof. Dubaku ordered the evacuation of the building, but Jack, Tony, Buchanan, and Renee stormed in initiating a gunfight. Although Nichols was killed, Dubaku managed to escape. As he walked out, a crowd had gathered outside the building to see what was happening.

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