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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

A rocket-propelled grenade, or RPG, is a hand-held, shoulder-launched antitank weapon capable of firing an unguided rocket containing an explosive warhead.

Day 4[]

Terrorists loyal to Habib Marwan used an RPG-7 to attack the motorcade for James Heller and Audrey Raines so that they could kidnap them. An RPG-7 was also used to rescue Marwan from CTU several hours later.

Background information and notes[]

  • Most modern main battle tanks (MBTs) are largely immune to unguided anti-tank weapons, due to advances in armor design, requiring more precise aiming to hit weak spots. However, RPGs are still used very effectively against light-skinned vehicles such as APCs or unarmored wheeled vehicles, as well as against buildings and bunkers. They can still be a threat to an MBT under certain tactical conditions.