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The Rockland Building was located in downtown Los Angeles, California. IDS Data Systems had their offices on the 30th floor of the building.

Day 4 Edit

Terrorist ringleader Habib Marwan (using the alias of Harris Barnes) and his conspirators Ali and Forbes used the computer technology in the building to power the stolen Dobson Override.


Marwan kills Solarz before escaping

Curtis Manning and two CTU field agents escorted Marianne Taylor (under arrest as a mole) to the Rockland Building to retrieve terrorist secrets from the hard drive of the deceased conspirator Henry Powell. When they arrived, all the employees were deserted from the floor and Curtis began to suspect they had walked into a trap. As Marianne attempted to retrieve the file, three of Marwan's associates (Forbes and two henchmen, Adam and Jason) captured Curtis after killing Marianne and the two CTU escorts.

Later, Curtis freed himself, killed both Adam and Jason, and knocked out Forbes. When CTU subsequently raided the building, Agent Lee Castle shot Ali, and the dangerous Dobson Override device was retrieved by Jack Bauer and Curtis. However, the terrorist ringleader, Habib Marwan, killed at least two CTU field agents (among them Agent Solarz) and escaped.

Background information and notes Edit

  • 1100 Wilshire, a failed office building which was converted into condominiums, was used for the Rockland Building.

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