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Roger Taylor was the son of Allison and Henry Taylor. He became the First Son when his mother, a Senator and President-elect, was inaugurated as President during Redemption.


As Roger and his girlfriend Samantha Roth prepared to attend the inauguration of the Senator, Roger expressed much affection for Samantha. He received a disturbing call, however, from an friend Chris Woodley, and Roger was worried that Chris was using drugs again. Samantha strongly disliked the idea of seeing Chris, but Roger insisted that he speak with his friend even if it was briefly. Roger insisted to Chris that he would be departing for the inauguration of his mother in 45 minutes, so Chris hurried over.

Roger's Secret Service bodyguard, Vossler, frisked Chris, and stated that Chris must be high. Chris informed Roger that his boss, Nichols, and another strange man got him involved in illegal money activities, so Roger told him to inform the FBI. Chris wanted Roger's mother to assist, alluding to a presidential pardon, but Roger departed.

Roger and Samantha greeted Senator Taylor and Henry at the White House after Agent Vossler drove them. Elsewhere, Chris was murdered by men working for Jonas Hodges and the mole, Vossler.


Day 7

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