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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Ron was one of the three close colleagues of Graem Bauer working with President Charles Logan during the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy of Day 5.

Before Day 5[]

Ron and fellow conspirators Graem Bauer, President Logan, Robert Joseph, and at least one other, initiated their conspiracy 18 months prior to Day 5, which was roughly around the time of Day 4. Their goal was to manipulate and then destroy the Dawn Brigade Russian separatist terror cell, establish a stronger U.S. international police presence, and ultimately secure more oil supplies in central Asia. The events of Day 5 occurred when their plan went awry.

Day 5[]

At 1:40AM, Ron expressed doubts about the conspiracy to Graem on account of the large number of loose ends. Graem responded that all arrangements seem to fall apart at some point during the execution, and also advised Ron that it might help to deal with such "bumps" by thinking about his children.

Ron, Robert Joseph, and the other primary conspirator were present with Graem for the next several hours in a large corporate office, where they moved their attention from the conspiracy itself to damage control. Ron smoked a large cigar at 3:04AM, and was seated with the others at 3:45AM when President Logan and Graem discussed Logan's need to commit suicide both to protect the image of the Presidency and to conceal their involvement.

Background information and notes[]

  • It was never specified if Ron's involvement was uncovered by the authorities. In the premiere episode of Season 7, Jack incorrectly states to Renee Walker in her office that "everybody" involved in the murder of Michelle Dessler "is either in prison or has been killed". Since Jack was wrong about Alan Wilson and Charles Logan, he may also have been wrong about Ron, Robert Joseph, and the third conspirator.

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