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Ron Birchwood was a Secret Service agent during Trojan Horse.

Before Trojan Horse Edit

Ron Birchwood had a daughter, who was a devoted fan of actor Chip Manning.

Trojan Horse Edit

Birchwood worked as the head of the detail protecting the Vice President's wife when she was attending the Silver Screen Awards in Los Angeles. CTU Regional Director Ryan Chappelle established contact with Birchwood to alert him about a potential terrorist threat at the awards show. He quickly evacuated the Second Lady along with the Russian First Lady upon hearing this news. While fleeing from the awards show with the Ladies, Birchwood ran into a pair of interns that worked for the Vice President, and was subsequently killed by terrorists who started sweeping the building for potential hostages. Agent Craig Auburn took control of the interns and the Ladies shortly before Birchwood's death.

Live appearancesEdit

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