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This article's subject relates to Season 2 of 24.

Colonel Ron Samuels was a leader of the paramilitary Coral Snake unit during Day 2.

Before Day 2[]

Colonel Samuels tried to recruit Jack Bauer into Coral Snake because, according to one of his officers Jonathan Wallace, Samuels realized Jack was a natural killer. Bauer turned Samuels down, greatly disappointing the Colonel.

Samuels conspired with NSA director Roger Stanton, Senator Bruce Gluck, and others to allow the terrorist group Second Wave to bring a nuclear weapon into Los Angeles.

Day 2[]

Samuels had the Coral Snake secretly observe the movements of the terrorists, and had no intention of ever letting the bomb detonate.

He was given the flight path of Jack Bauer's plane (by Stanton, who was using OPCOM), and the plane was shot down by his eight commandos. They executed one survivor, FBI Agent Rick Phillips, and tried to assassinate Jack and prisoner Nina Myers. However, Jack managed to fend off some of them until an armed TAC team in CTU helicopter arrived and swept the area, killing those that Jack could not take down, and the bodies were identified by their Coral Snake tattoos.

When Samuels sent his seven remaining commandos in to capture the bomb, six were killed by their captain, Jonathan Wallace, who had been paid to do so by Peter Kingsley. Kingsley was using Stanton and the Coral Snake to execute his own agenda, in which the bomb was supposed to detonate, and Samuels' failure to control Wallace nearly caused the deaths of millions.