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Ronnie Pope was a member of Jack Bauer's Delta Force strike team during Operation Nightfall.


Ronnie Pope was part of the undercover mission to kill Victor Drazen. He went though the forest with the rest of the team, and entered the house of David and Anna Petrovic before the rest of the team, with Bill Kendall.

He travelled to meet the Petrovics’ contact who would take them to Victor Drazen’s compound. Once they made it to the army base of the contact, Jack instructed Bill, Ronnie and Al Crenshaw to circle the checkpoint. He was in the car bomb shot by David Petrovic, and broke him arm. After that, they drove away with the contact, Jovan Tesla.


Ronnie in the van

When Jack was informed to go back to the base to check everyone was dead, Pope went back with him. He stayed at the vehicle with Stephen Saunders, Anna Petrovic and Jovan Tesla. Once Saunders realised Tesla was actually a spy for Drazen called Alexander Lepenski, Anna shot him. Saunders told her that it was the wrong move, and they could have used him for information. He worked out that the only reason she would want him killed would be if she was also working for Drazen. At that point, she shot Ronnie, then shot Stephen, and told Jack that some guards killed the men.

Jack eventually found out she was lying, and killed her.

Background information and notes[]

  • Pope is recognizable for wearing glasses throughout the mission.

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