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Ronnie Stark was a mercenary working for Peter Kingsley during Day 2. He was hired to retrieve the evidence that proved the Cyprus recording was false.

Day 2[]

Ronnie Stark and a second driver transported Raymond O'Hara, Trask, and Davis to an emergency clinic in Los Angeles. They were following a signal being transmitted from a computer chip carried by Jonathan Wallace. Jack Bauer discovered the chip in Wallace's abdomen, and Yusuf Auda removed the tracker from it. When Yusuf and Kate Warner fled with the evidence, Jack led Stark's three men on a wild goose chase with the tracker.

Stark used a taser on Jack Bauer outside the clinic after Jack shot the second driver. Ronnie had Trask and Davis carry Jack to the clinic basement, where he started his interrogation. His torture techniques were unwise and relentless, and Stark became angry when Davis told him to stop and give Jack a moment to recover. While torturing Jack with electricity, Ronnie accidentally stopped Jack's heart and his henchmen were forced to kidnap Dr. Spire to bring him back to life. After Bauer was resuscitated, Raymond O'Hara killed Stark on orders from Peter Kingsley, and took over with the interrogation.

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